2012 land rover defender (diesel particulate filter)

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Rickland, Jul 21, 2013.

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    My dad drives this to check the livestock, so rarely gets over 30 mph so it keeps clogging up the dpf. When the orange light comes on the handbook says to take it for a half hour drive which i do and this usually sorts it. This time however it got to the red warning light and the book says it has to go to the dealer. Does anyone know if it is possible to sort this yourself or can this be bypassed or modified to avoid it happening again?
  2. Cars, Landrovers and tractors, all lightly driven and used engines fitted with dpf are prone to this. If a good hammering with 3.5 tons towing behind it up a long hill doesn't sort it, it has blocked too far and will need the unit removed and regenerated remotely.
    I'm not sure whether if you removed it and stuck a loader fork tine through it to make a big hole would work without cheating some sensors. If you do so and it doesn't work afterwards you will have an even bigger bill than the one currently facing you. The DPF is going to be a massive issue in future and especially for lighter use vehicles, loader tractors and for drivers that habitually piddle about at low revs.
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    Co. Down, UK
    Got it in one- Tried to modify the driver but it didn't work!! So thinking the easiest thing to do is to modify the vehicle.
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    A few clips on YouTube of folks drilling the centres out of dpf's they leave some so it has a back pressure.
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    If you spoke to one of the Landy tuners they would be able to tell you as the get a lot more power out of them so I'm sure they woul tell you if you can bypass it or other ways to Improve it twisted performance are really good or irb developments guessing its a puma engine in it so bas turning would be a good call they have all been really helpful to me and Full of knolage
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    Should be covered under warranty, my missus has had hers done twice, both times without question on the warranty. She seems to have got it sorted now and realises that she needs to boot every now and then. Friends new hilux has multiple issues w ith the same thing and again it is when he is away and the old boy plotters about in ot
  8. sorry officer i was speeding needed to clean out my D.P.F

    thats ok then on your way.............:ROFLMAO:
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  9. You don't need to speed. A nice long hill taken in third gear at 2500 revs would get it regenerating unless left too late. Or even the same on the flat apparently. The engine and exhaust need to be up to operating temperature first though.

    It strikes me that the problem could be worse in cold weather for those that potter about.
  10. trouble with you is you take all the fun out of motoring :D
  11. The fun finished for me when the ninth point was put on my license. :jimlad:
  12. and what do points make..................:mad:
  13. Prizes.

    I'm doing my best. Almost got the jackpot three weeks ago on a Sunday. Nice quiet road with plenty of visibility and just coming into a wide road 30mph limit, where anywhere but in Carmarthenshire it would be a 40 but Carms is notorious for inappropriate limits. Anyway this nazi barsturd had his van hiding behind overgrown bushes at the end of a laybye with only his windows showing. They are now purely a revenue raising enterprise. I do about 25,000 miles a year so the odds on getting caught are not good. Nearly everyone gets points and a fine now and again. Except my near perfect wife!
    One week both I and my brother had speeding tickets and my daughter had a Parking Eye ticket. Wife went bananas.
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    Like the sound of this
    It's covered under warranty at moment, but just wondering how to sort this out once warranties up as very annoying.
  15. 24mm masonry drill bit in from 1 end(y)
  16. [quote="Cowabunga, post: 117426, member: 718] Nearly everyone gets points and a fine now and again. Except my near perfect wife!

    Handy,just don't get caught.(swapping the points).:whistle:
  17. The trouble with that is that it will never regenerate again and all the exhaust gases have to force through a 24mm hole, which on the face of it seems to be quite small for an exhaust pipe.

    But if it works, it works and 'Hooray!' for that.
  18. drill 2 holes then:rolleyes:
  19. Oh! I thought it was some kind of scientifically calculated size to keep backpressure for whatever reason. It turns out that it is no more scientific than my iron bar of indeterminate size. Just a bit more genteel and refined way of making a hole in pottery.:ROFLMAO:
  20. (y)


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