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Angus, Scotland
Does anyone know of any good and reasonably priced suppliers of concrete panels in central Scotland area or further? 3rd time I’ve been let down now with being provided a quote and then when it comes down to actually paying for them they suddenly can’t honour the said price and it’s gone up by £x amount.

I was speaking to someone on the weekend about it and they said there is a company in Ireland that managed to deliver the panels to him (in Scotland) cheaper than a local concrete panel supplier… Albeit this was a few years ago but has anyone experienced the same? Couldn’t quite believe it

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As Blue says. Low Grange local to me and good to deal with. Possibly not cheapest but spot on quality as with everything its the haulage that kills the job. Never seem to get many on a load but concrete isn't light.
Cumbria concrete panels are good. And they were easy to deal with, a few years ago tho since I bought any from them. Just bought a Robinsons from Lockerbie shed and panels. They are fine aswell, not the biggest fan of the lifting eyes on there panels tho.


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Another vote for low grange, although it helps when they are near enough to collect ourselves with tractor and trailer. Moore concrete have been good when I’ve bought slats and channels that low grange don’t make.
Our local shed man gets lots of panels from Low Grange, must be good as he doesn`t deal in shite

Moore`s service was impressive when we put the slatted shed up.

One size of slat width was 8mm shorter than the spec. Result we had a 300 m gap when we got to the end of the shed.
Not a problem when we rang them

Within 36 hours they had an artic here direct from n Ireland with 1 slat unit we could cut down to fill the gap..
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When comparing panel prices remember to ask how much steel is in panel and compare like with like.
When we priced some a few years ago Moores were more expensive, until we discovered they had more steel than the others.


I had from Solway Precast in the summer, dealt direct and they made them and delivered when they said no bother. We are in NE Scotland so I was warned that they might have to wait till they could come up with something else (part load) but there was no issue.

Disappointed that the local Concrete guys in Aberdeenshire couldn't be bothered to supply what I wanted, Solway didn't have the size but happy to make if I could wait.


Has anyone had any recent prices for 4 inch panels.About to order 2 loads. Last I heard they were £36 sq meter hoping they’ve come down a bit. All 1.2 and 1.5 m high.

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