Grass Seeding Drills and Broad casters.

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by MX7, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. MX7

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    At LAMMA I had a close look at the Aitchison Grass Farmer drill, Vredo overseeder drill and various grass seed harrows with pneumatic seeder box attachment. Would like to hear what the pro's and con's of the the drills etc I have mentioned , when used for overseeding ,reseeding stony grass paddocks and field margins,some may have been sprayed off with glyphoshate some would still be being grazed. Thank you.
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    Wicklow Ireland
    Get the Moore , been used a good bit around here all stoney ground and sprayed off , it looks the best of the bunch!
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  3. Lucas Mac

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    Just wondering does anyone have any experience of the vredo seeder I am considering hiring in a contractor with one. Very little info on the vredo seeder
  4. Couple of vredos down here. I quite liked them as long as discs keep sharp.

    No experience of them but can find some people numbers for you to speak to if you wanted
  5. The most important thing whatever the make of drill is a good and interested operator
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    Lime and slug pellets are the biggest differance in the results of reseeding . No matter what machine is used.
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    I've got an Aitchison drill, not a grass farmer but the full spec one and swear by it, although as said above sometimes lime is needed. The inverted T is perfect to get germination.

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