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How many hours/week do farmers actually work?

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by gone up the hill, May 5, 2013.

  1. gone up the hill

    Having read a few other threads where it seems some farmers ( especially livestock/mixed farms ) seem to work crazy hours and having worked no less than 11 hours/day the last two months ( only two half days off in that time!! ) trying to catch up on field work i am just wondering how many hours forum members actually work on their own farms/ for farmers a week/month on average thru the year??
  2. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    100 plus August - October

    30- 50 the rest of the year

    Quite a lot of days off and holiday whenever wanted other than August-October
  3. Tim W

    Tim W Member

    Last year (to 5th April) 43 hrs
    year before 39 hrs

    That's with my own sheep (850 this year)---I then do a bit of occasional contracting etc which may put 4 hrs week on top
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  4. Daniel

    Daniel Member

    And after all that work you're still looking at a farming forum?! ;)

    I reckon a baseload of 50 hours a week with peaks higher than that. more than the hours worked though its the tie of animals keeping you around the place weekends/bank holidays even if its only for a couple of hours each end of the day.
  5. as many as there is in a day:(
  6. Jim Wale

    Jim Wale Member

    around 120 give or take depending on calvings ect thats being stockman on a 220acre pedigree farm and running my own 120acre suckler farm, 6am-8am at home, 9am-7pm at work, 8pm-12pm at home 6 days a week then 6am-6pm at home on a sunday. In the middle of calving on both farms atm so busy but things do calm down for a couple of months in the summer, down to 12hr days, then back up to this when the cows come back in :sleep:
  7. gone up the hill

    Lol i try not to work sundays but went flat out today to get all field work that needs doing done before the rain ( hopefully ) comes in on tuesday as parking up now untill wen ( other that feeding up etc ) and as catching up with emails/paperwork etc and its a normal working day i thought i might as well be on here, after all you only get out of something what you put back in :)

    Yoou are right about the animals, take tomorrow, if i have the energy then im going off sea kayaking for the day but have still got two hours work in the morn feeding/bedding/ checking stock and sods law a cow will decide to start calving when im about to drive out the gate!!
  8. gone up the hill

    No offence but that is mental for so many months of the year!! how do you stick the hours and what about a life beyond the farm gate?? i know iv done mental hours the last month but no way in hell i would do it month in/out.. how old are you if you dont mind me asking?
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  9. gone up the hill

    Damn it i need to find a large arable farmers daughter to marry:)

    How many hours a week do your blokes work on average?
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  10. Blimey you guys work some hours!

    I'm currently a 8 - 5 man! ( hour for lunch to watch Bargain Hunt! ). 5 days as week!

    Harvest and land work time, obviously work many many more - but it's only for 3 months or so, so easy to just keep going for a short period of time like that.
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  12. Jim Wale

    Jim Wale Member

    No offence taken, Im 21 hoping to be big enough at home in a couple of years that i dont have to work for someone else as well but it is the only way i can get a start in farming. Life beyond the farm gate is non existant atm but do get a life over the summer lol, you get used to the hours tbh
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  13. Full respect to you!
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  14. gone up the hill

    Fair play to you, i worked long hours like you ( but no more than 100/week ) when i was your age for similar reasons ( thou it was all for myself ) but i burnt myself out after 4 years of it, couldnt/wouldnt do it now, looking back i should have made more time for myself on a personal level those years so if you can try and get a non farming related hobby/intrest ( one of mine is kayaking for example ) and get at least the odd weekend off every 2/3 months and get away from the farm/your job if poss.. time spent off is as good as time spent working sometimes when your doing the hours you are.
  15. multi power

    multi power Member

    i do about 10 or 11 hours a day 6 days a week, more at calving time n quite busy to get done in that time, when i "retire" from here to farm at home i expect i will work more hours
  16. jimmer

    jimmer Member

    being a herdsman on 250 cows plus followers living on site, as many hours as I want, and can get away with.... (wife and three kids )
    no set times except milking,at least 80 plus evening checks, and odds and sods on weekend off (someone gotta check on the casuals)
  17. gone up the hill

    Ha ha i want a farmers daughter that any guy would proud to have on his arm :D ( weird how you never seem to see a cute/fit farmers daughter!! )

    Sorry thats off topic..
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  18. Jim Wale

    Jim Wale Member

    agreed but the acreage to fitness ratio is very important
  19. Samcowman

    Samcowman Member

    I do as a minimum 55 hours a week but that would only be a few weeks when the cows are in and arent calving and a maximum of over 100 but that would probably only be 2-3 weeks a year flat out in the summer. Probably averages at 70 something a year. Calving is technically more hours than I work as on call 24/7 depending if anything is calving
  20. jimmer

    jimmer Member

    couldn't agree with you less

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