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Pressure Washers / Steam Cleaners

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by sleepy, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Penmoel

    Penmoel Member

  2. Penmoel

    Penmoel Member

    Looks are not everything, in fact they do not really come into it. Its £800 cheaper, has higher pressure about the same size motor, both of which are smaller than the nixon, slightly lower volume and holds (uses) less fuel, and has a 3 year warranty!

    By the way you need to sharpen your price?
  3. Recoil

    Recoil Member

    South East Wales
    I'm in the market for a steam cleaner, but put off by having to use karcher parts and my friends karcher steam cleaner always seems to need something replacing and he doesn't even use it that much. The nixon ones seem to be more robust and simple, which is what farmers want. I haven't tried dealing with them yet though. Karcher will get a look in if nixon are a pain to deal with.
  4. Indeed you can find things cheaper if you look hard enough, however my friend i'm not in business to give stuff away. I need to make a profit as i'm sure you do and i'm sure you understand. Of course that's why you are a farmer.
  5. Grassman

    Grassman Member

    Mine was ordered and they promised to despatch it the next day.
    A week later it still hadn't appeared so I rang and they said they would look into the issue and ring straight back. 3 hours later I rang again. I told them to despatch my money back. I was then told it was definitely going out on next day delivery. It arrived next day. Unfortunately there shoddy service does let them down but I am very happy with the machine.
  6. sleepy

    sleepy Member

    Devon, UK
    You won't sell many with that attitude...

    Perhaps they are selling 10 for every 1 you sell and consequently paying a lot less?
    The price I was quoted by FC for the same model was a lot cheaper than yours too, but thanks anyway.
  7. LOL, It was only a joke by the way, but I have said previously that if someone from the forum is interested I am prepared to do deals for forum members only!.

    The price on web site is web price only!!
  8. In addition, @Sleepy , does wanting to make money, feed my family and generally pay my way constitute a bad attitude?

    Just asking?
  9. Penmoel

    Penmoel Member

    Retail has never been easy, today its a damn sight harder. The problem is I did not have to look hard, what was it three clicks of a button and presto hundreds less. The internet is so impersonal.

    When we recently kitted out a holiday cottage, we asked a local electrical retailer the price on all the white goods, checked his price on the internetand apart from one item he was there or there abouts, my wife told him the truth, that on the one item he was £150 out they said thank you and came back the following day to match it and were pleased to have been given the chance to do so. We bought local.

    Every one needs to make a profit I agree.
  10. Is a real shame that things have got so shallow that Price is the be all and end all, don't you think?

    Sure nobody wants to pay well over the odds for stuff, but as you say if shown and given chance to either match prices or try and beat them surely we'd all give it a shot. Obviously if its not a viable or profitable sale then at least you can say "sorry I can't beat that price"

    Plus also I don't only do Pressure washers, I mainly do sprayer spares so maybe just maybe I might be the one to come to when you need them

    Plus isn't it difficult to get humour across on a forum?? lol
  11. Penmoel

    Penmoel Member

    Its not the be all and end all, its the start but some may never get off the starting blocks.
  12. yeah I get your point.
  13. Fraserb

    Fraserb Member

    Scottish Borders
    We have a Nilfisk from our local dealer, pretty sure the boss could have bought it cheaper online but with a local dealer theres someone to look at it and fix it when it goes wrong.
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  14. super4

    super4 Member

    I Have a Nixon power washer, its been here since the 70's used most days, only had a couple sets of pump seals.
  15. Penmoel

    Penmoel Member

    Finally they say that they have the boilers in, and will deliver by end of week, so paid for it now, by credit card, hopefully by end of the week we can wash our trailer.
  16. Cowabunga

    Cowabunga Member

    Don't hold your breath.
  17. DrDunc

    DrDunc Member

    Aquawash are a Glasgow based company. They sell their own brand of industrial hot washers. All components are of the shelf genetic parts, they just pick the best bits to assemble their machines. Far better built and far better value for money than anything else.

    A lot easier to deal with than Nixon;)

  18. Penmoel

    Penmoel Member

    Thats why I paid with C/Card
  19. Cowabunga

    Cowabunga Member

    I realise that, but you still have to wash your trailer and your tractors for the run on Sunday.

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