Spreading wheat seed.


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Yes C6 at 10.3 kmh gives me about 60 kg an acre on 12 metre centres. We make quite a reasonable seedbed though. A Discordan makes nice lines and then it’s pressed in with a double press. It’s not a fire brigade job. If it’s a last resort you’d be better upping the seed rate.
Thanks. Can do a bit of trial and error next year, all seeded up alough more bare patches appearing


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often find less seed behind spreader than a drill in my experience, lifting a drill always leaves uncovered seed.
As long as harrow in that's usually true.
Do your r t parasites let treated wheat seed to be left broadcast onto soil surface???
Product label some prohibit broadcasting some don't.

Covering seed a requirement of all.

But used untreated seeded anyhow.


Arable Farmer
Cambs Essex
Do some in good conditions. Broadcasting has a bad rep because it’s usually done as a last resort. Make a good seedbed and work it in well and it gives very even coverage. However it’s no less work than drilling then.
The drill trail of a few years ago proves that point

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Graham Wilkinson to join AHDB as new CEO

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The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has today announced the appointment of Graham Wilkinson as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Graham brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success from his time at Arla Foods as Global Vice President, Agriculture. During his extensive time at Arla working in both Global and UK roles, he has successfully supported over 8,500 cooperative farmer owners and managed the delivery of innovative commercial milk concepts on farm.

With his experience and knowledge of the supply chain, Graham created a leading European Agriculture Function within Arla, spanning seven markets. He has also worked in the retailer-side at Tesco PLC, where he strengthened the sustainability of agriculture supply chains in its dairy, beef...