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This looks handy for a workshop

Discussion in 'Workshop Projects' started by Clive, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

  2. suffolksmallholder

    That's well cool! I'd Love on in my workshop.
  3. WANT ONE!!!!!
  4. Paul_P

    Paul_P Member

    North Cheshire
    Blumin daft I would say. I put in my own Tecelemit 4 post 3 ton hoist that I paid £500 for. I bet that thing costs at least twice that and isn't 1/10th as useful.
  5. John 1594

    John 1594 Member

    waiting for the moment the electrics go wrong, it lays you down on your back and goes full tilt into the shed wall :D
  6. pycoed

    pycoed Member

    Pontarddulais, UK
    The perfect answer for home international nights/New year's eve/after a left & right at foxes or woodcock or Friday nights when the wife is away at a bee conference!
  7. Paul_P

    Paul_P Member

    North Cheshire
    Or goes full till upwards when you're underneath and leaves an impression of a gearbox in your face and chest,
    Parts Boy likes this.
  8. I wonder how quick it would be though in real life, rather than a video on fast forward. Bet you it would be sloooow.
  9. Bobthebuilder

    Bobthebuilder Member

    no use on most of our workshop floors as they are cracked rough concrete if your lucky, not the polished surface that is on in video :rolleyes:

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