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Volta relays

Discussion in 'Workshop Projects' started by cat312, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. cat312

    cat312 Member

    Afternoon, im after a couple of relays which I think are faulty on the 7 pin plug circuit on my shogun struggling to find a uk stockist or cross reference them, they are

    Volta 8545-1219 also has 021684 and SIK 15 12v on it
    Volta 8544-1221 also has 76316 and 12v/42w and 021474 on it

    Any help gratefully received as I have no rear indicators at the mo!


  2. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    uk.rs-online.com is where I would look first
    did not come up with any thing :(
    did a Google search found some on ebay ........item ended now

    not a lot of help
  3. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Yes, I see the supplier that had it listed on E-Bay has another (2) heater relays listed, if that helps? Click
    you will see both of them on the bottom right of "other items" under the closed item.

    Another listing Click

    The second one, is it a flasher unit?

    If you don't want to check them for correct operation and just want to replace to see if the circuit fires up, your local breaker will have them.
  4. cat312

    cat312 Member

    Yep I think the second one is a flasher unit, something odd going on, hazards work fine but only 3 volts going to indicators on a left or right turn, fronts fine, checked earths etc narrowed it down to changing these two parts in the loom for the 7 pin plug.
  5. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    How many pins on the flasher unit, 3?
    Are the heater plugs working, is it starting OK?
  6. cat312

    cat312 Member

    Four pins on the relay, only three used though. Saw the relay on flea bay advertised as glow plug relay but this one is def in the lighting circuit, its in the back of the truck under a side panel, sure its either this or the other part at fault........
  7. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    If you put a wire with a fuse in, between the two screw terminals, see if you get full power or does the fault go away? Use a fuse in the jumper wire, or an ordinary wire will do but just use a few strands of wire, that will melt if you hit earth/tin work.
    Did you go right back to the negative (-) on the battery with a new earth lead (any type wire will do for testing), when you were checking the back lights?

    And the front indicators are working OK, are they?
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2014
  8. cat312

    cat312 Member

    Yep front indicators fine, took earth right back to battery as you say, problems all started when I plugged somebodys trailer into my truck lights stopped working correctly, replaced 7 pin socket on truck, checked earths etc, sure its fried the module that controls the trailer lights, that will teach me just to move a trailer for a mate with unknown lighting on it, to which he said oh yeah the lights are a bit dodgy on it. grrrrrrrr!
  9. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Oh I see, if it has a trailer module fitted, it might be worth seeing if there is any fault codes? But you will have to get it plugged in to read them.
    Usually the relays will take the strain, so you might be lucky, what age/model is the Jeep?

    It seems that the trailer is powered by a separate fuse next the positive terminal on the battery Click
    So check that this fuse can power a good size bulb at the battery and then down at the back.
  10. cat312

    cat312 Member

    Starting to think it is a bypass relay that im looking for, its plugged into the loom on the truck and the seven wires coming out that head down to the seven pin plug, may be able to source another make! Its not a fuse that has gone as I have three volts at the bulb holder when indicating, leading to a very weak glow in the bulb and a rapid clicking from the relays as if a bulb has blown, when hazards are on ive got the full 12volts at the bulb and all is well!
    Tthankyou for you help Mursal.
  11. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    No the fuse isn't gone, but the 3Volts indicates that you have a bad connection, would you agree? That's why I mentioned the largish bulb, it will show up the weak link. The hazards working as they should, shows a good earth on the bulbs (if they work correctly on the hazard) and the hazards are getting power from another source. Did you flick the hazard switch a few times, as that switches between the hazard circuit and indicators.
    Check the trailer supply with a bulb as I explained in the last post.
  12. georgegeorgeno7

    georgegeorgeno7 New Member

  13. georgegeorgeno7

    georgegeorgeno7 New Member

    hello cat seen your post about volta relays have u solved the problem as i have the same problem if u have please advise me

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