Agri-tech: Sensors in precision farming

Pershore College (Part of WCG), Avonbank, Pershore, United Kingdom
Agri-tech: Sensors in precision farming
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Pershore College (Part of WCG), Avonbank, Pershore, United Kingdom
Thursday, October 28, 2021 - 09:30 AM
Until: Thursday, October 28, 2021 - 04:00 PM
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Agri-tech: Sensors in precision farming
An introduction to how sensors and drone-derived data has the potential to transform food production and the protection of our environment.

About this Event

Sensor technology covers a plethora of applications to monitor plant growth and health. These include multispectral imaging, temperature monitoring, nutrient applications, yield measurement, disease management, irrigation, food processing and hydroponics.
Data collected from sensors can help to foster new technological innovations such as app development which integrate data into a condensed user friendly format with recommendations about how to use the results. This seminar features talks from app developers that can show you how you can take your ideas and turn them into usable apps.
Continuous data collection can help build algorithms that are able to ‘learn’ different disease states or the different stages of ripeness. Data-driven machine learning algorithms utilised in this way can highlight deficiencies or diseases before symptoms appear, giving huge productivity gains because outbreaks can be controlled before they can spread. The future of agri-tech is positioned for an exciting data driven technology transformation.
What challenge will your creative innovation solve?
Join Dr Chris Hatcher and the research scientists from the Agri-Tech Research Centre at Pershore College to understand more about current projects being undertaken in the ground-breaking area.