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New Profile Posts

  1. Liziwiz
    Liziwiz LucyC
    Hello Lucy
    Are you still looking for work with sheep?
  2. Danwhiduk
    Danwhiduk puma power
    I’m interested in looking at your biomass boiler and grain drying setup, where in the country are you?
  3. moo
    moo scruffian
    I could do the bales for you
    My location is B966SS
  4. jono333
    jono333 HAM135
    I saw your post re Kubota GR1600 II or Iseki SXG216. I am thinking about these 2 models as well. What did you decide in the end and how is it going?
    Thanks Jonathan
  5. Stew B
    Stew B
  6. Wynnstay
  7. Dannyt
    Hello. I need help with my old UTB 445. The 3 pt hitch arms go up and down fine but as soon as you put any weight on them they hop nonstop.
  8. Wynnstay
  9. iLivestock
  10. Farmer.03
    Farmer.03 Hesston4900
    Hi there do you have any barns for rent
  11. Val66
  12. Greenfield Croft
    Greenfield Croft
    Brand new to small scale livestock farming (Sheep and mixed poultry).
  13. qileegroup
    Shanghai Qilee Environmental is a innovation in environmental integrated supply and related technical services as one integrated, .
  14. foxywatson
    foxywatson Teeq8
    Hi Thank you for your email. I can be contacted on 01254 493034 or mobile 07833395076. I can be contacted anytime apart from tomorrow until after 4pm. Helen
  15. holywell farmer
    holywell farmer Rob Holmes
    You have pm from me
  16. AdieEV
    Sometimes it happens
  17. GardenYouth
  18. GardenYouth
    This is Anne Alexander. Completed the MSc in Soil Science. Still involved as a Researcher on Variety of Fertilizer. https://gardenyouth.com
  19. meath suckler man
    meath suckler man
    Meath man by birth, a farmer BY THE GRACE OF GOD
  20. Farm Diversity Magazine
    Farm Diversity Magazine