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    Can hear the Worms moving ?

    If you jump & land on both feet, (like a bunny hop) you will surprise the worms & can hear them all suddenly withdraw further into their burrows! Now do you dare go out into a field & try it, or are you worried about what the neighbours will say!!
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    Superglide suspension

    Thank you @Colliedog I guess a 2018 model will be the later dual accumulator system then. Can we check & charge these pressures if necessary? Are we aiming for 30bar and I guess something different in the other accumulator to give a progressive damping rate? & I am sorry gang but there is...
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    Superglide suspension

    Morning @Colliedog As a fastrac user who needs more power & has plumped for a second hand t7.270 I am guessing you will recommend your air cab suspension. Does it help with that side to side motion that you tend to get with the new holland cab and the undulating subsided roads we have around...
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    On Farm milling

    Guilty as charged! We do. Started it to run beside the cold pressed rapeseed bolt on to the business. not too sure what else to say!
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    16 years old on the road

    Can we borrow your gator please Drillman. It would only be for a few months (12) ;)
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    Trantor on Worthing sea front!

    This Trantor is at Biddenden Tractorfest this weekend. I asked the owner if he had been to the seaside with it recently, & he added that he got a speeding ticket on the way into Worthing on the day you took the photo @Young Apprentice ! I mentioned this thread...
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    29t Rapemeal Pellets Kent to Bristol

    Still got to go. Seeing as it is forecast to be wet later this week there will be lorries spare everywhere by Thurdsay.......!?!?? Or looking for a local home?
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    29t Rapemeal Pellets Kent to Bristol

    As above. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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    750A seed boot bolts

    So 0.425 on a used bolt. that was more likely to have started out life as a 0.475 = 7/16 than a 3/8 = 0.375. That means my horrible thought that the early drills used a 3/8 bolt & Shoup have sent you a batch of early rather than late bushings is probably the problem...... They must be able to...
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    750A seed boot bolts

    If a picture comes with this post Or I might go back to Twitter to post you a picture of a bolt that suits my bushes & seed boots without modification. ‍♂️
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    750A seed boot bolts

    hmm horrible feeling the really early drills had a smaller bolt (two piece seed boot type possibly) let me measure a spare bush in my kit & get back to you
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    750A seed boot bolts

    Morning Richard 90 series seed boots on my drill which must use the smaller 3/8 bolts. What year is your drill? I didn't think it would be on the new re-designed pro series coulter & seed boot? (if they have a larger bolt...?) & you have had it since new? So would know if it had been drilled...
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    Best electric pressure washer / steam cleaner

    Anyone got any experience of the MAC Avant machines? They have got the military contract for steam cleaners apparently so should be relatively robust!?
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    Landrover refurb

    Do you know Angus & Howard at AHL? & if anyone has a 100 inch Defender body sitting in the back of the shed I have a Discovery project that strongly resembles a pear in the body department......