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    Which lawn mower

    1500sqm is ride on terrority nearly??!, that's roughly what I have around my house and was taking me an hour n twenty wit a self drive hayter 22 inch collecting the grass. This year opted for a 36" castle garden and has halfed the time but can still get into corners n what not reasonably well...
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    Ground Source vs Pond Source vs Air source

    12kw ecoforest heat pump running in our new build for coming up on 4 years. Average annual usage is in around 4000kw for all heating and hot water (on our electricity tarrifs it works out at just over €500 a year)for a 250sqm 2 storey wit all floors concrete and underfloor. 600m of outdoor loops...
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    TFF on new phone

    A question... I like browsing the forum through the 'new posts' section mostly, randomly reading what tickles my fancy, so for example I click into today at work and browse thru the 10 odd pages I've missed, now if I'm in the app when I hit the back button it brings me bac to the 'new posts'...
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    new road gradient change for artic lorry

    Used this info as a guideline for a small job I worked on a while back, we stuck wit an 8 degree incline (5th wheel angle) and never got any reports of problems
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    Laying concrete..

    About to start laying a bit of concrete around the house in next day or two. 30N 4" thick is what am aiming for, only carrying cars and our few small tractors. Hung up on weather I should put plastic under (to let it cure better with all the water not being sucked out the bottom, by the...
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    Silage 2020

    Wouldn't be far away, we sold a 13ac field of standing grass a few years ago, a week or two after it was cut and I was cutting my own silage I done a lap of the filed wit our 5.5ft mower and had to take a few swipes out of the corners too and rowed it all up, 4 bales wer dropped out around the...
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    Yard gulley

    If the water going down the pipe is going to be dirty (from muck in yard etc) a fall that shallow might not be enough to carry the dirt to the outfall and will end up silting up the pipe over time. If stuck wit them levels and falls make sure there is a silt trap in the gully to catch most of...
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    Colour Change

    Can't hack the green come on over to the TFF app, it's as blue as its always been!! [emoji23]
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    Tractors, over the years that's been on the farm.

    1974... a 1964(ish) mf 35, built most of the farmyard we have today and my fathers house, including a pit in the garage dug out wit a linkbox!, has worn out 2 of them in her time and is well thru the third! Back tyres r older than me! (near 40!) 1997... a 1987 mf148 (35 was no longer fit for...
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    Paint blistering galvanized corrugated tin roof

    Is the paint ur using for use on galvanised surface?, makes a big difference in my experience of using some, of course u pay dearer for it, but not really in the long run. Have used the hamerite version here a few times
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    MF 398 replacement?

    Rebuild!!, that is the plan with our current 398, no way can justify any sort of decent replacement so money going to be set aside each year and done in phases. The loader was first up, has been re-bushed, rehosed and a damaged ram repaired, got a clutch (and spring!) few years ago too. Engine...
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    Mass Gatherings

    When the first notions of a lock down wer mentioned here (Ireland) over a week ago nw we had the same madness at the shops, shelves emptied and queuing out the doors. Lasted a few days, but from what I can see all seems to hav returned to normal(ish) and supplies hav caught up again. Had to...
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    Tarmacing costs

    binder be about 15 a sqm and wearing about 10/12, for hot rolled asphalt, stone matic asphalt a bit more expensive but would maybe stick turning maneuvers etc a bit better
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    Recommend me a basic welder...

    Yea just after a basic stick inverter for occasional use, today's example, which has spurred this thread... one of the sides on the 4ton fraiser tipper trailer has developed a crack in the top bar, could hav hooked it off infront of my garage and had it fixed in ten mins, but will require side...
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    Recommend me a basic welder...

    Would like a simple welder for the garage... nothing fancy, oul fella has a decent spec one at his abode but it's becoming a pain in the rear end having to relocate everything for the occasional run or two of weld if needed. Seems to be an endless selection on line but I don't hav a clue what...

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