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    R Clips...

    Am after r clips that I seen a few years ago.... they had the straight leg an inch or two longer than the 'wavy' one, they wer on a stand for a machine, rake I think it was, u had the straight leg in and out thru the bar before it snapped into place, bloody handy!, I have a few stands wit...
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    Petrol strimmers.

    Stihl fs240 here I think it is, going good, overkill for around the house but well up for it when battling 2ft rushes n the rest
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    Kuhn suppy problems

    Am into the 5th week waiting for a rear hub to turn up for a mitsubishi, don't think it's as much a supply issue but it seems to be stuck in transport limbo somewhere. Real p.i.t.a as can't drive it either as its the ring for the abs sensor that is gone and doing funny things wit 4wd n what not...
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    New farm, the journey begins!

    god that shed looks wobbly just sitting on the bolts!!, altho it alone is bigger that the 4 (very old) usable sheds we have here so mucho jealous!! Excuse my nosiness!, but are the 2 sheds in close proximity to each other (as in the same 'yard') or are they in different locations?, or what...
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    Top fill tanker adapted to umbilical pump?

    local crew have this setup...
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    Concrete roller screed next to shed wall

    Used some k-form for a bit of DIY concrete around the house last year, made it very very handy!
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    Smallholding advice.

    I farm 50ish acres, but also work 5 days a week!, the farm does make a bit of money, but it does not pay the bills!!, by time the books r balanced it might pay for a nice family holiday... if its been a good year! I could farm it more intensely for certain, but it would need to make 10 times...
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    Block built slatted tanks...

    has anyone any experience of what the realistic lifespan for a block built slatted tank would be?? Its a real 'how long is a piece of string' question I know!!, just that we have a small 2 bay tank under a single pitch roofed shed and it's close to 25years on the go now, was built with12inch...
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    OTC drug addiction - a cautionary tale !

    On a side note I find saline sprays great for a bit of congestion relief when it hits, particularly if used when having a good hot shower
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    Alcohol minimum unit pricing

    Most folk within shout of the border buy alcohol in NI anyways its cheaper than ROI already due to duty etc. The charge will probably bring folk from a bit further afield to fill their boot every so often tho!
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    Hydraulic Ram Referb

    I'm getting 2 brand new 2 way rams made at the min, 80mm cylinder, 32mm rod with 400mm stroke for 300€ a piece
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    Grass after spuds?...

    Is this a major no-no?, planted 2 acres of spuds last year and was planning to go for crop silage cut of oats and peas this year then reseed into grass. However only hav the option of bales so always been a bit worried about vermin when stored (altho have done it successfully before) and cannot...
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    First time this plough has been used in anger in probably 20 odd years!, bit o oil on the discs and away we went!, that's about the first half acre done of the 2 that needs doing and starting to shine a bit again!
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    Ground Source Heating

    I'm heating a 250sqm new build with 6 100m pipes laid in trenches 50m long 1.2m wide with the pipe down one side up the other and the trenches 1.2m(ish) apart, works out about 15m x 50m, 750sqm. I have it laid in the field beside house so nice rectangle shape, but I know folk that have trenched...
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    MF 390 lost steering

    Yep do both, and for the price of them get two spare aswell, they seem to only ever break when it stuck in a muck hole, or a Saturday evening with full shed to be fed on Sunday! Now that I have spares they will probably never break!!