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    What contractors have went over
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    Tractors...COST TO CHANGE!!!

    Maybe its just a people deal with people thing. He did his best to give his old dealer the turn but the new product didnt suit. He obviously doesn't want to deal with whoever's got the valtra agency currently
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    Guess the offence

    Everyone needs a hobby
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    Guess the offence

    The ramps under the shovel can slide about. Doesn't mean they will. Should be a strap over them. I always reckon that if it looks well secured there should be less chance of getting stopped. But maybe not
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    Guess the offence

    There are ramps, that spare wheel and other bits and bobs not strapped down. Maybe that is it. When you see some of the loads of machinery coming to ni roi you wonder how did they get so far down the road
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    Eastern Europeans are going to come back as Brits can't cope

    When you see all that is going on in the uk it makes you realize the there is definitely no longer a great in Great Britain. But unfortunately the cause of this all happened decades ago. There was a time when Great Britain couldnt be defeated in war. Its all different now
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    2nd hand towing vehicle. Whats still going at higher mileage?

    07 ford ranger. 217k Going strong. Humble money
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    Creep box v vario

    Looking at a few jobs where a very low forward speed is required. Currently dont have anything with creep box fitted. It would entail changing a tractor to one with a creep/vario box. Has anyone found vario to be slower than a creep box (something thats fitted in a same hurliman)
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    (Northern) Irish farm words

    Calved - very tired or a machine broke Handling - a bit of hassle Guanching - some tom foolery talk
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    Machinery operators beware!

    What do you mean by food for neck pain after a long drive
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    Mccormick or landini?

    Get it rigged to do 40k and buy a pair of earphones
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    Project Zetros

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    Project Zetros

    Great to see it coming together
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    Pick up mpg

    Sounds strange but the 26t plant lorry seems easier ran when lightly loaded. The lorry is a lot easier sat in as well. Another reason of thinking about a change
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    Pick up mpg

    I hadnt been doing any towing with the pick up this last few months so when i had the trailer on i filled the pick up up and 220 miles later it needed a drink again. it was doing about 18mpg. 16ft trailer on with a machine about a 1t weight on it. Is this ok mpg or bad. begining to ponder a...