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    Ford 4600 Flasher Unit

    It had been suggested I use a modern style and put a hidden bulb somewhere under the dash.
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    Ford 4600 Flasher Unit

    Had the same issue with an MF. Non of the auto electrical companies in my area had one, or had even seen one, luckily a farm mechanic had a spare on his shelf from the older days.
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    Deutz 8280 - problems.....where do we start? It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has experienced problems and if so what?

    It is. Banks Farming is the OP, and you can see a Banks decal on the ones in the other thread.
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    Right place, right time.

    Just passing Coningsby the other day, so thought I’d pull in near the BBMF to eat my lunch, shame I didn’t get to hear them.
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    The Digger Picture Thread

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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Nice old iron stretching it’s legs today.
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    How long should a machine last

    A guy I worked with had Cummins powered Fastrac’s, the 185-65’s back in the day. He had a problem with the engine in one of them, and the dealer was as good as useless, as it was out of it’s then 1 year warranty. At what was the S E D show, he got talking to people on the Cummins stand, who told...
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    Strange Harrow ! Any ideas ?

    A friend rescued these harrows from going in a skip, but we’ve never seen any like this before. Zig zag frames are common, but these are just straight. There are hinges in the middle to join them together, and two small rings for towing, on the front and rear, but they’re offset. The tines don’t...
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    From early 80’s if you had a 4000 series articulated.
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    Schluter, anyone?

    Lincolnshire reg’ no’ and P&B stickers on it. Was one up the road from me in the 80’s.
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    GCHQ can request the IP address of every farmer on this forum.. Happy with that??

    As long as they use the same powers, and intelligence gathered on other sites, to pin down criminals and sex offenders etc, go for it.
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    Help me identify these keys.

    No logo or anything on it, just the 8.
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    Help me identify these keys.

    I was wondering that.
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    Help me identify these keys.

    Yes, 8mm across.
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    Help me identify these keys.

    Thank you.