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    Chainsaws, trimmers and pressure washer found.... Shropshire
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    Case 8455 round baler problems

    I am struggling to remember what pulley did what on the rp12 now sorry . Have you a handbook for the baler
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    Case 8455 round baler problems

    I thought that if the string is going slower on the bale the feed wont be traveling as fast across the bale so more string will be going on...You have me scratching my head now :):scratchhead:
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    You would think the EA would be keen on it .The Landfill site had to have a sweeper on full time on the outside roads. And there were two working wheel washes on route to the weighbridge on site !
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    Case 8455 round baler problems

    Has the baler got different pulleys to put the twine around for changing twine feed rates like a RP 12 ? I reckon it wants going on a smaller pulley so it slows the speed of feed :)
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    Some of the worst roads in the UK in Lincolnshire without mud and steering wheel attendants of low IQ. I have not ventured on the roads around Linc's much but always felt safer when i was back on the A50 heading home.
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    Guess the parts price thread ?

    My little 2003 Micra failed M.O.T on a bottom suspension arm ball joint. The garage wanted near £200 without the M.O.T charge .£29 quid for the suspension arm off EBAY and one skinned knuckle job done .
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    Portek log splitter - reviews

    The rope bangers may have less flash powder in them now due to knob heads off housing estates buying them and using them for the wrong purpose. Portek will know the new regs on this i am sure but wont market them as lower spec items obviously :)
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    Looks like they have had a buffer on that road not a brush .I would not fancy ridding a motorcycle about those parts :(
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    Which Gator or Buggy?

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    Unsecured excavator on trailer

    I have had some hairy moments getting steel tracked diggers on steel trailers myself in the past. One older chap who shifted our bits and bobs would never let any driver load and always do it himself . He would always go on the trailer from its side for some reason no mater how easy going up the...
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    Unsecured excavator on trailer

    I don't think you could do that if you tried. Very strange :scratchhead:
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    what grinds your gears

    The surgery's waffen ss receptionists that seem to think they are medical trained :mad:
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    Compact Tractor Advice

    Zetor 3011 or 3045 (3045 is a 4wd ) if you can find one . They are @34hp and built like brick outhouses and great little classic tractors .
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    Kat loaders

    Thats one of the better makes to. The weird sump thing would be soon off in small ruts !

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