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    Freelander Question

    Cheers chaps . I only paid scrap money for it so i dont mind doing a bit on it .A old couple bought it about 6 weeks ago off Facebook and got ripped off big time on it and just wanted some money back .They were towing a caravan when the clutch went and got recovered .The pedal has no resistance...
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    Freelander Question

    I have just purchased a 04 td Freelander which has a defunct clutch master cylinder and wondering if anyone has retro fitted a better one than the daft plastic one it has. I have a new one here now but find it a weird idea on something like a clutch cylinder to be made of plastic and not been...
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    Shall we play a game?

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    Shall we play a game?

    Should be plenty of bonfires in the next few wks. You might pick up a better set off them :D
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    Do tractors go better after 8pm?

    Yup chuck water on a chip pan fire stand back and watch the performance increase :ROFLMAO:
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    Union Workers on strike in USA .

    1972 :)
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    Union Workers on strike in USA .

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    Komatsu Backhoe..... deleveoped a mind of it's own ??

    Unusual machine you have there...It sounds like you may have to shut the front hydraulics off when using the back maybe ? Switch or tap ? or there is a valve stuck somewhere with it been removable maybe some crud has got into the fittings holding a pipe a bit open allowing pressure back somewhere :)
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    Do lorry engines shut off fuel to some cylinders on motorway?

    My dad drove for Gordon Plant (Plants For Service ) nr Macclesfield when i was a kid they had a huge fleet of ERF with the old Gardner engines . The whole yard vanished in the morning under a cloud of smoke. I always loved it but when you think back on it now the pollution was horrific i...
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    Shaft Envy

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    Shaft Envy

    A 45 gallon drum of ky jelly and a midwife i would think :)
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    Whether slurry pump belongs to agricultural machinery

    She look like Paul Merton with tits :ROFLMAO:
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    Ford 5030 temperature switch

    Will a ford escort one fit ?
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    Countax Tractor Mower

    Mustie 1 on youtube is always fixing mowers of all types and worth a look through his vids. I have a large ish electric start mower with a Tecumseh engine which was acting the oil can when i got it and after watching a few of his vids its now running great :)
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    Ford 5030 temperature switch