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    Major vehicle quandary

    Fuel Consumption improved probably 4 to 5 mpg more, big difference overtaking it's auto so changes up into 6th far quicker. The works foreman at the garage I bought it from had a short run it and couldn't believe the difference.
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    Major vehicle quandary

    Buy a new Hilux 2.8 litre five year warranty, I have a 2.4 Hilux Invincible x chipped and really pleased, better than my previous 3litre by a fair bit
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    Help please to choose 2wd tractor to move caravans

    Definitely Kubota seems to be the most popular on any caravan sites and dealerships yards that I've been to.
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    Kuhn or Amazone fert spreader

    Kuhn really good .
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    TM150 pick up hitch

    handle right hand side behind seat. Lift up to release, make sure lift is fully raised.
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    This Farming Life

    No not a repeat.
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    What Pick Up Truck...?

    The new ones in UK don't have Invincible stamped on the tail door or on the side like that, just in chrome on bottom corner on the ones I've seen.
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    What Pick Up Truck...?

    Don't agree with you there, I've driven a few different makes including new Hilux and definitely not like a boat.
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    Hilux clutch knackered

    Yes, looked at one last week.
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    I think they have but nothing confirmed yet.
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    New police enforcement

    Neither have I .
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    New police enforcement

    What about all the lorries tipped over at roundabouts in ditches, hitting houses far more than tractors and more likely to do more damage because of the speed. I've driven both Lorries and Tractors.
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    Guess the parts price thread ?

    Have you tried Scott Glass, Oldmeldrum, they had for 50HXS which I think is the same.
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    Royal Highland Show Cancelled

    Yes it used to be used for racing back in the 60's
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    Royal Highland Show Cancelled

    Oh No! not bitter at all but just thought other people that uses the facilities might like to help support it as well.