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    Rolling Winter Wheat

    Did my one and only field today, @Steevo round and round
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    Which one and how far will they deliver
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    Growing linseed after linseed

    Are you drilling some, having a large block at “work” and keep thinking of some at home but trying to keep things simple
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    What is "heavy" land?

    Am at Butterwick, used to play football for ferry
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    What is "heavy" land?

    We call it Bulls liver, you near the isle?
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    Today at work

    Advantage of drilling home field after tea
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    Today at work

    Made a start on spring drilling Not seen any of this for a long time can’t believe how it’s dried
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    Leeds magistrates court

    Daughter works in city centre, uses park and ride from Elland road unless match day, probably not suitable for your friend. Will ask her tonight what she would do.
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    Today at work

    what is it called ?
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    Getting concerned mk11

    Plan on doing your work 9th to 18th March as going to be a dry settled period as wife booked a holiday, with a return to rainy shite when we get home.
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    Cocker or Sprocker Bitch Pup

    Please give spaniel aid uk a look lots of gorgeous spanner’s wanting good homes
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    Eastern Massey Dealers of the Past.

    Burrels still sort of on the go, one part of the family into shed building based in Epworth and another part have a car dealership in Donny
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    Today at work

    Fifth day on the trott of lifting, working round wet holes and only part filling trailers but at least we’re lifting. Never lifted in January before
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    The “Do You Miss Them? No I Don’t” Thread

    Do you want to borrow one, pritty sure we’ve got a couple still about somewhere
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    Cordless grinder

    Hitachi here because already had drill,driver and radio.5 ah batteries don’t think 1.5 would last very long. Handy to have in truck but not for regular heavy use.

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