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    Diagnose JCB Faste

    Hi Ruben if I understand you correctly you have spool vale problems, this is very common on fastracs most people convert them to manual which is a factory poison on the 21 series best goggle these boys they should get you up and running
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    Artic trailer Air

    have a look at the trailer valve it mit be stuck if it is get a new one
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    Recycled Gypsum

    any in bucks / oxon area
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    Tig welder

    tig for ss that thin and not to much amp and it needs to be spotless clean on both sides
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    Engine main bearings suppliers

    Supplying Engines and Engine Parts for the Farming, Mining and Construction Industries Worldwide Specialists in JCB, Perkins and Ford Engines Company is registered in England, No 01241030 - ©2022 All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy Specialists in JCB, Perkins and Ford Engines Timik...
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    Pivot steer telehandler

    If you don't need to lift high go for a jcb 412 with the cab behind the pivot
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    diesel should flow through the filters with the key turned on if not the lift pump is bad
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    Fiber cement sheets and purlins

    mit be interested pm me a price
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    I think it has an electric lift pump you should be able to hear it when the key is on
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    Fastrac 3220 , oil leak help

    Yes start with a new o ring but I think you will need a new valve and they are not cheep from memory make shore the oil presher is right first
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    Fastrac 3220 , oil leak help

    The picture above isn't it. They are a bad to get to seal don't over tighten they aren't much more than hand tight I have resealed a two but had to put new on in the end
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    Brakes on these loaders?

    Its no s lot different than car but the servo may be air or hydraulic asist it may even be vac
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    Brakes on these loaders?

    brake pipes are farley good to do with a brake pipe flange tool set to make your own . Caliper seals and the like may be harder to find
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    Metal brazing with map gas

    screw with a copper wosher may work but if the boiler is not thick enough for the tek screw to get hold it whont work maybe a heavy secshon one would be better