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    Farm south of Shrewsbury?

    The story I was told by a couple of the older farm workers when I was a boy is that they were singling (hoeing) sugar beet one day (20 or 30 years before) in the field outside my house and a pebble size stone hit the ground close to them, from no where and it fizzled and hissed for a few moments...
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    Is it time to take control of our data (before someone else does)

    It never occured to me, until recently, that all this "real time" harvesting telemetry was anything other than the manufactuers helping the user be more efficient at harvesting. But obviously they are getting real time accurate harvest information, with a regional accuracy the likes of which has...
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    Modern Tech and the inherent profitability of dealer only access to tech.

    I have just stumbled across this on youtube, whilst it is focusing on JD, it is appicable to all the brands and the tech with which modern farm equipment is enhanced, and held hostage by. I found this unusually interesting and informative for an American documentary.
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    Not dribbling N down the tramlines.

    Yes, i appreciate that, but I am talking about the application of Nitrogen in the spring on autumn sown crops ( and top up N on spring sown crops).
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    Not dribbling N down the tramlines.

    Are you saying that "top dressing" N will be injected into the soil using a drill in the spring?, even if this is done, each wide row will not be used as a tramline. With N being so mobile in the soil, I can't see the point and cost benefit of this, unless it is to trap urea under ground, and...
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    Not dribbling N down the tramlines.

    Wide row widths are one thing, but growers will only run the sprayer and spreader down the same wheelings the whole season. Roots will be unrestricted between the widest of rows if they aren't used as tramlines, surely.
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    Not dribbling N down the tramlines.

    When I was a student 35 years ago, often crops of wheat on the fertile silts, would have crops of wheat, lodged flat to the floor due to too much N and weak straw, the only stems upright, were the ones immediately adjacent to the tramlines. This was explained to me as a student as evidence that...
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    Not dribbling N down the tramlines.

    About 7 or 8 years ago I picked up a leaflet at either Cereals or Lamma (which may or may not have been produced by Omex). It gave the usual reasons why switching to the use of liquid had advantages over the use of solid N, such as no bags to dispose of, accurate dressing up to the outer edge of...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Just following on about the standard of journalism now in both industry and the "news" press, (though, it may have been always thus), it is mostly just a sweep of the Police incidents reports or of an industry's bad situations. This is where the easy headlines are found and a sense of fear and...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Starting to see bits on youtube such as this, Australian TV is at least showing awareness of how critical the N situation maybe (even if it's not a serious news program).
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    TFF Parkrun Fiends...............

    Alas no, although I am not feeding the cattle tomorrow morning, I am doing Xmas dinner for family and although I am well prep-ed, even to disappear for an hour or so in the morning, it will feel like i am deserting my post. However, I will be there New Years day......................( BUT...
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    Spanish lorry strike.

    I am in absolutley no way making light of repugnent historical slave ownership or saying in anyway that suppliers to UK supermarkets use "slave" labour in any way, but I came across this the other night whilst surfing youtube. But if you take at face value the statement that there are an...
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    TFF Parkrun Fiends...............

    Everything is just a little strange at the moment re Parkrun, hopefully things will settle to a new normal soon. Lots of people who were regular volunteers (non runners, but enjoyed the social part of it especially some of the more elderly of the Parkrun community), may, I suspect, still be...
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    The Flu jab

    I was offered and then had my first flu jab last year last autumn, and two days ago was texted with the chance to book this years jab. Which I will do shortly. I am 56 and healthy and double Covid jabbed, but will still take up the extra cover when offered .
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    Solar output august

    August 22% down on where we would think of as average.( Mid Lincolnshire)