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    Drill Manager

    As far as I know it comes as a kit from Horsch. The area manager knew about it. I would have thought your Horsch dealer would make the effort to know more about it. @jonnieboy has fitted one to his CO6
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    Wanted Pedigee bull

    I have a choice of Saler bulls I can offer you, all very quiet natured and easy calving. Pelvic measured, dams and sire can seen. TB4 and high health status. Myostatin free. Good honest cattle. DM me or give me a call on +447971795762 . Angus
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    Drill Manager

    Might not suit you but you may want to upgrade to isobus control, price is about £2k for the kit from Horsch
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    Doncaster to northampton

    Mark Watson machinery transport from Tow Law is your man
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    Permanent clover understory

    Control isn't an issue, the SU's will kill it very easily (too easily)!
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    Excellent so far, and an absolute no brainer for £16 and watch live or anytime after, though a great shame to miss the atmosphere of Oxford.
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    Is there a standard minimum load before cap charges apply?

    The contract may well have been for 56t in the expectation that you would only get 28t on each lorry
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    Reels for mob grazing

    Not worried about being 'cool' whatsoever!! Just want the easiest to use system that's also time and ££'s cost effective
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    Reels for mob grazing

    Setting up mob grazing system at moment - 200 m lengths max for cell divisions. Cattle only so just a single strand. 2.5 mm HT is already around boundary and will be used on perm lane fence. Would you go with half a dozen geared reels or use a Kiwi tech winder system with several reels? TIA
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    Post hole borer

    3 point linkage mounted post hole borer wanted to buy or hire , the nearer York the better TIA
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    How to mole & keep fields level in no-till?

    @all_arable moles regularly in a no till system with a 750a,I am sure he would share his methods
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    Bale unroller

    Unless your straw bales are clapped they will collapse and drop in a heap, in my experience, with an SGM or similar 3 tine rotator bale spike. They are ok for silage, provided they haven’t been chopped as they were baked.
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    Bale unroller

    The Hustler in York sale is mine, didn’t sell on here so put it in, it is in good working order.
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    Roller mill refurb

    Used them in the past for some odd sized chain & were very helpful 👍
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    Roller mill refurb

    Thank you @mo! YTS do them regularly & are going to do them for me as soon as I can get them out 👍