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    Red Clover

    Using well rotten FYM as a top dressing after 1st and 2nd cut (organic beef and sheep so no slurry). Spread it fairly lightly straight after the crops being taken off and roll with a flat roll as soon as it dried enough not to pick up on the roller. Mow second cut a bit higher and make sure the...
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    Stabiliser cows to charolais bull

    I saw some of Leachman's Charolais bulls in the flesh last year, they were quite different to a lot of the British Charolais I've seen here. Finer boned and similar in size to the Stabiliser and Angus bulls also on the farm, I'd be quite tempted to use on over Stabiliser cows if not breeding...
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    Formalin being withdrawn?

    I got told the reason formalin is harder to get is due to less firms being able/willing to deliver it rather than the rules around it. Not sure how true this is though.
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    Cow Weaning Efficiency 2018

    @Samcowman what condition were the cows in at weighing? Ours were weighed mid summer when the cows had all piled on condition and using those weights makes the weaning efficiency look scarily low. I’m planning to weigh again at scanning and use the average of the two.
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    Opinions on the "best" suckler cow

    People ignore the cost of keeping big cows and like to brag they always have the biggest calves in my opinion. The mindset of "biggest income" and not "biggest profit"
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    Opinions on the "best" suckler cow

    I’m just amazed that anyone would consider this a brilliant bull... As for cows, always found our Blue X Holstein very disappointing, used to get some cracking calves when put to a Blonde bull but poor cow fertility, cows didn’t last and were expensive to keep, also had a lot of difficult...
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    Reducing the replacement rate on a lowland suckler farm

    Bit of an open ended question but what is his replacement rate and why is it so high? It depends on what you consider high as well I suppose. If he wants to keep a tight block and is selling cows that can’t keep within that then I’d say you have to accept a higher than average replacement rate...
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    Bulling heifers

    Bull at 14 months here but only if heifers reach 400kg. spring calvers so anything not in calf at P.D gets fattened and not run round for another year
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    gross margins for beef and sheep

    The John Nix farm management pocketbook is a good place to start. You can follow the formula they use fairly easily and adapt (or kid yourself) to what you think your costs may be.
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    Has anybody ever got rich through farming?

    Just because there's one farm you know making good money from a good milk contract, don't assume they all are. This was from AHDB for last year.
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    Stabiliser bull

    No issues with using blonde on Stabiliser cows, had the odd big calf when putting them onto dairy x cows. I'd tend to put that down to over feeding the in calf cows rather than the bull though.
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    Stabiliser bull

    I've been buying in-calf Stabilisers as replacements for aging blue x and angus x sucklers, been very happy with the pure Stabiliser calves so far. Small birth weights and keen to get up and sucking compared to the continentals before them. I've used a Blonde d'aquitane bull until this year...
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    Robotic Milking Questionnaire

    Thanks everyone for the responses so far. I could really do with a few more responses though, as every little helps. Thanks again, Patrick
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    All things beef

    A few of our stabilisers taken today, along with a blue x calf from an old cow.
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    Robotic Milking Questionnaire

    Dear robotic milkers, As part of my Bsc (Hons) Agriculture with Animal Science degree at Harper Adams, I am conducting a study which examines the interaction of stocking rates on performance of robotically milked dairy herds. The survey should take around 15 minutes to complete but requires...

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