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    Cultivator identity

    Yes we certainly are - I wasn't aware there was an issue with the website as we've had other orders coming in but I'll take a look. Do you want to pm a screenshot of what you're getting come up on it? Otherwise please call 01778 591225 and I'm happy to process over the phone for you? Arron |...
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    Cultivator identity

    Unfortunately if it is a Taskers the parts are now obsolete unless someone has got some old stock sitting around?
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    Cultivator identity

    Taskers? Similar to this one we've got in our yard currently
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    Vaderstad carrier

    We have a 2007 Carrier Super which we've just put through the workshop and re-disc'd if that would suit?
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    Sumo Trio wearing metal

    This looks like a genuine Sumo tungsten point. We have had great feedback on the wear rate of these. Available from stock at: We can also offer Duratil Upgrade points, these offer a genuine tungsten point...
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    Semi-Mounted 6+1 Plough

    We're currently looking for a 6+1 Semi Mounted Plough, Auto Reset, In Furrow, Hyd. Variwidth, good condition upto 3ish years old If you have one to offer please send details and pictures to
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    3m drill combination

    A bit older but we've got a exceptionally tidy 2005 Amazone if that would be of interest? Less than 1k Ha from new.
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    Agri-Linc Agri-Days 2019

    On Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st of November, Agri-Linc will host our ever-popular annual ‘Agri-Days Event’. This is a great opportunity to browse the extensive range of machinery, parts and attachments held in stock at our Bourne Yard. Key attractions this year will include event offers...
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    Trima loader brackets We have these in stock if this looks like the ones you're after?
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    Tine drill

    We have a 4m Kverneland Tineseeder due in next week if you're still looking?
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    24m Pneumatic Fert Spreader.

    This one over budget?
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    Bomford b81-81

    We have two in currently, one very tidy, the other not quite so!
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    6m rapid drill

    We've got this 2009 8m just arrived if of interest?
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    Strip beacon

    We've got these available from stock if of interest?
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    14 ton dump trailer

    I've got new Herbst available from stock?

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