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    Where do burnt out combines go ?

    Probably a lot go to John Manners Ltd...
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    Mismatched drop arms.

    Or maybe try or
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    The IH / Case Thread

    Must have been something like that that sealed it originally if there's no oring and a new one can be bought seperately so it's not as if it's classed as part of the sump. @Gapples might know...
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    The IH / Case Thread

    Could have swore there should be an oring at the bottom and the tube should just pull out to replace it but the parts list doesn't show an oring...? Have seen the tubes brazed in before...
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    Repairing cross member on daihatsu

    There certainly wasn't when they were still in production and even non genuine body panels weren't available back then. Still don't think there's anything available now except service and suspension items.
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    Case 895

    You don't fill it manually. It should be kept topped up with transmission oil when the engine is running and the level maintained automatically at all times. If yours has emptied, you'll lose the brakes and the most common cause is for a small steel pipe that is fitted inside the end of one of...
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    Mf 4370 radiator price?

    Davey,Ben Sergeant is listing one in stock at £425(likely plus vat).
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    Mf 4370 radiator price?

    Don't QTP source a lot of their stuff from OEM dealers anyway...? Just might take a day or three to get it.
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    PTO Slips on Ford 6640 SLE

    There is no PTO speed sensor. The speed is a hypothetical reading taken from the engine speed which in turn comes from the alternator.
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    PTO Slips on Ford 6640 SLE

    The control valve may not be engaging fully due to a weak solenoid or not enough volts reaching it. Have you checked the alternator output is around 14.4v as it sends a signal to the pto control module in the fuse box when the pto knob is turned on?
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    Clarke power washer

    Depends on the type/model.... Worn pistons in the pump. Non return valves worn/not seating in the pump. Worn/sticking unloader valve or it's not adjusted up enough. Worn nozzle on the lance.
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    International B275 - 5th gear?

    Yes, the B250 was 5 speed.
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    Case 895xl drive/gearbox issue
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    Ford 7840 (1993) SLE 16x16 Gears gone.

    Seems to be a lot going wrong at once... Sounds to me like there is a leak in the C3 clutch pack... @forblue Any thoughts?
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    Ford 4600 Flasher Unit Click on the man with the spanner icon for what the terminals do.