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    Stubble Turnips Through Vicon Spinner

    To summarise it really doesn’t long as somethings coming out when you enter the field and the last of something was still coming out as you left the field.....and there’s wheelings all over the field. Now nip home and put Cambridge roller on.
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    Renewing ancient permanent pasture

    Beware, calling anything ancient permanent pasture is a recipe to lose all control of it. Don’t ask NE until you have at least spread a bit of dung and done some rolling and harrowing a few times in the last 15 years. Never allow the title ‘uncultivated land’ to be attached to any farmland in...
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    PC Andrew Harper

    Driver will likely get 14 years, other two 10?? Driver must be most culpable also being eldest but has pleaded guilty well in advance of trial.
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    Lincolnshire Farmers HLS refused permission to cultivate

    NE rent the property right during a scheme if at the agreement end they stop paying any rent the farmer can surely not have lost the right to farming as he sees fit??? Anyone in any of these schemes is under a contract to manage under scheme rules but only during that scheme not forever without...
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    ELMS “wish list”

    It is not subsidy/obligation for land ownership but subsidy/obligations for “property right” which in a great many cases is tenant right. These longer term management initiatives are set to clash with tenant rights.
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    ELMS “wish list”

    Just testing the water!! That is what they will be wanting from ELMs when all is said and done!
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    ELMS “wish list”

    Permissive footpath/bridleway. Benches, picnic area. Water mountain bike jumps.Encourage, controlled access. Nature trail. Keep farming as before but let taxpayers have some controllable access.
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    RPA appeal

    NE are where my problems lay. However you are equally entitled to obtain any papers and correspondence either entity hold about you and your landholding. They don’t like supplying it mind if they have stuff to hide but you are entitled to seek it out and the ICO will help you when others will...
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    RPA appeal

    Keep smiling @Hesston4860s and I and doubtless others are increasingly realising that lions and donkeys WW1 analogy really wants rewording to gophers lead by donkeys to describe these individuals.......tip for you..while you are waiting put in a FOI request to cover any and all reference...
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    Your chance to help design ELMS

    The fundamental problem for all agriculturalists is that the people making the policy are relying/allowing on the National Trust to lead them.
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    Natural England knows best?

    No money dispute/involved....they were jilted because I refused to renew a stewardship agreement at term end. EIA regulations trying to establish a precedent. Be warned taxpayers! ...NE knows best.
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    Natural England knows best?

    Lest we forget....scheme involvement ended 30/9/2012.... Natural England knows best....
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    Your chance to help design ELMS

    NE is being absorbed by the RPA. Doubtless a rebranding of NE will occur rather than a purge. Will Tony Junipers job description change? There is a battle yet to occur between agriculturalists and environmentalists and to pretend otherwise is naive.
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    What value would you put on a small copse ?

    Same price as land adjoining it....0.25x£8500=£2125?
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    Blowfly prevention

    Dysect rules ok.

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