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    Silage bales or pit silage

    Single use plastic is likely to be outlawed or taxed out of economic use in the near future....I reckon wrapping silage bales will be history within a year or two.....hay or pit silage or maybe reusable silage bags. But I’d think twice about buying a wrapper.
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    Rats Rats Rats Advice Please

    Just do online exam cost you £50 but farmers need rat poison now you have to pay £50 to buy did we get in such a parlours state of affairs?
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    CS on Traditional Orchards- unwise?

    The difference between traditional and commercial in BAP terms I read was bare ground band sprayed along tree establish that prior to asking NE advice and you have some arguable grounds? That’s why I said roundup round trees, not in an effort to kill them, although that could be...
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    CS on Traditional Orchards- unwise?

    I should get spraying roundup around the trees, get some bare ground photographic evidence if you ever want to be able to utilise this ground. Trouble with taking any CS payment is they will know exactly what you have there and further down the line they will stop the payments but block you...
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    Lamb rejected by abattoir after being sold in live action?

    “Sell live and thrive”.....these out of pocket live market incidents are fairly rare compared with the common activity of “sell dead, see the grades and scratch your head.”
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    CS on Traditional Orchards- unwise?

    Ploughing up arable reversion - thread hereabouts amongst others!
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    Ploughing up arable reversion

    Sorry to rejuvenate this old thread but........7 years since my css ended NE and I are still arguing at the tax payers expense about my right to farm. Anyone contemplating any agreement with NE think twice at the very least! I wouldn’t wish my experiences of NE on my worst enemy.
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    CS on Traditional Orchards- unwise?

    Yes ...EIA 1348. Currently the subject of ongoing legal battle. The state sponsored environmentalists have designs on your land. CS is their way in. Beware.
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    Making a living from sheep

    Record prices in OZ but most of them died in the drought and the ones that are left will need time and decent food before they make decent money neither of which are very available one suspects.
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    Kaiwaka waterproofs promotion at CCF (West Wales)

    12 months ago I stood for 6 hours in near horizontal driving Snowdonian rain at Bala dog sale. I studied the people as well as the dogs....there were those who were wet and miserable and pee'd off along with myself and the others who were happy and oblivious to dreadful weather. Almost...
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    RSPB have pheasant shoots in their sights

    Let’s not forget for every full time keepered commercial shoot there are probably ten or more farm shoots within a ten mile radius reaping the benefit and enjoying sport thanks to wandering game birds and professional vermin control input. There is a British game alliance inspection...
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    Quad bike problem

    Starter relay needs replacing.
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    Packams plans for running mid Wales rejected

    Nutters, cannot be done without the consent of the land managers. The environmentalist lobby are naive to think that property rights can be circumvented easily if at all......
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    Nora Dolomite Wellies

    I too was a loyal Nora wearer for decades but they invariably went porous on top of right boot (had half a dozen left boots in garage waiting for a partner for years?) Now I have short Aigle kiwi style 90% of time, also some steel toed Dunlop purofort for more than a foot of mud and winter work...

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