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    Round bales or silage pit?

    Silage bales equals “single use plastic.” We are going to have a rethink forced on UK livestock farming very soon. I reckon.
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    The prize for championing farming goes to..........MacDonalds !

    Horrid Henry calls it “gobble and go.” Trouble with a McFlurry at gobble and go is inevitable brain freeze that accompanies it.
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    New driver insurance

    Put yourself and your wife on as named drivers on son/daughters car and get realistic quote.
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    Scotland invades England

    Scrap hs2 and complete hadrians wall, I say!
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    The prize for championing farming goes to..........MacDonalds !

    A foot of drench gun pipe kept in truck would work.
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    The prize for championing farming goes to..........MacDonalds !

    Big Mac medium meal with coke and McFlurry for desert.....good food, great value for money meal. Consistent quality. Me and millions of other folk enjoy at least once a month!
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    Farmers First Aid

    In a heart attack situation on farm, I for one would certainly try a few jolts with electric fencer unit...two clips across the chest. I’ve been knocked over twice in last six months by inadvertent fence shocks......other essential is a belt for tourniquet service. Oh and a phone with charge...
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    Battery acid spillage

    Does that mean the OP will get electrocuted as well as melted and rusted.....revenge of the battery abuse!
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    things that make you smile

    You need to be Irish for it too sound right /wrong
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    'Public Money for Public Goods'

    Allotments, uninhibited canine exercise, right to roam, right to camp/holiday where public chooses, sports events, mountain biking, scrambling, 4x4vehicle fun, public hunting access, barbecues whenever, wherever are all possible public goods demands for subsidised farmland.(removal of all fencing?)
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    buying a car as buy it now from auction via computer

    Are we talking eBay? Credit card/PayPal should protect if eBay.
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    Jaw Abscesses on ewes

    Knock the beet over “before!” you put the sheep on the break. How close to lambing? Beet in last month is dangerous due to lack of room...(they will still try and pack it in. Ime and it kills...easy to see in diy pm.) Could be clostridial though any root grazing is extra problematic this winter...
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    Monbiot's TV show.....Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet

    19 pages on TFF and the programme hasn’t been viewed yet......tonight at 10 pm on channel 4.......reserving judgement!
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    Sheep and seaweed

    There speaks an inland farmer!
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    Letting land for shoot

    Hunting,shooting,fishing....field sports. A way of life. Tradition, heritage......just because the modern housewife likes feeding pasta and ready meals doesn’t mean sport, tradition and heritage should be discarded.

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