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    How to contact advertising standard agency

    Yes, that figure/statement is still being waffled around "98% of wild flower meadows have been lost." For at least the last decade. I actually pulled our local wildlife trust up on it in an email last year. I'd have to have a look to see what the response was. There is never ANY mention about...
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    new small square balers

    @GAM I'm sure had theirs last year? Or was it the year before?! I can't keep up! MF 1840 in line here. Love it!
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    Hay Making 2021

    Lots of excited folk about last week making 'hay'. Older, meadowy stuff just isn't there yet, plenty of long bents but still very little in the bottom. With it being so young still I should imagine it wasn't all it was cracked up to be to get it fit. Dry April followed by a cold, wet May has...
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    Which bale nipper

    We've just bought one of these, Albutt F301. Greaseable roller bearings in the sleeves. Have only used McHale and Albutt and the Albutt won it for me, much quieter, felt much stronger and just nice to use. More money for sure but worth it in my eyes.
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    Tractor comfort

    A New Holland you say? Surprised nobody has mentioned Case & New Holland air suspension upgrade kits ( The chap is on this forum but can't remember his user.
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    Supply chain issues?

    Wooden posts, gates, both metal and wooden, wire. Heard of 10-12 week wait for suppliers for wire, the same for water tanks. Cement and post mix I have heard of limits and shortages but we've been alright to get as much as we want like normal. I personally think a lot of the fencing shortage is...
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    Horse waste disposal

    I'm not sure that thread really needs reviving! :ROFLMAO:
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    Backhoe replacement

    We run Terex here. TLB890, biggest of the conventional wheeled machines, 4yr old, would pull a house down, immense digging/pushing power. Few niggles but nothing serious. They've been bought by French firm Mecalac now. Should think you'd be looking between 60-70k if you wanted a new one though...
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    Case puma 155 error code

    Any symptoms, anything not working? 4135 I think is when whatever gubbins inside thinks it's reached it's required position but it actually hasn't. That could just be sorted with a calibration from memory but can't be 100% sure!
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    Case puma 155 error code

    2328 PTO related and 4135 would be spool related, pretty sure anyway. Should be symbols that come up with the code. Assume electric spools?
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    Changing my Puma. For 140 hp with Loader recommendations!

    Sounds to me like you want a Puma 150 (at least) with a loader? Case IH Puma 165 50 Kph Semi Powershift Front linkage and MX 412 Loader SFL TO BE FITTED !! ( Absolute base spec inside but looks to soon have a loader fitted! Big fans of high hp 4 pots here but I don't...
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    Whats stalling your grass growth?

    Was just frost and lack of warmth to begin with but now I'm sure it's lack of moisture, too! Sure we'll get the rain, right when we want to start hay making probably.... 🤦‍♂️
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    High pressure till end of april

    Well round with us there's a lot of 'hay' ground that doesn't get grazed or topped so gets a lot of build up of rank old dead stuff, moss and mole hills.
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    High pressure till end of april

    Grass is just not moving at all here, still b0ll0cking through hay.... Going to try and make as much as possible again. Whether it will surge on in May I don't know. Older leys just don't do well in this weather. Have been holding off harrowing but bit the bullet and done a load today (till...
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    Ring dealer again or "feck em"

    Gee whizz chaps.... just ring again. Everyone is busy, probably has 1000 other things on their minds, things get missed, no doubt we all do it. I would imagine as soon as you speak to the chap about what you wana spec you'll forget a week went by anyway.