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    New Farming Investment Fund launched today

    Yeah kind of; basically the grass low disturbance subsoiler grant at the moment can go toward a grass or arable low disturbance subsoiler as long as it does the same thing as a grass one (leading disc and packer minimum 3 leg I think but please check) no dedicated arable grant.
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    Bateman RB 16 prime/purge recirculation

    Think you’ve answered your own question! If you haven’t got it you’ll manage without. Just saves that initial blast before you set up with a new tank and means you can clean the lines without ‘spraying’ anything. Also easier to blast the water out in winter if no frost-free storage. I don’t...
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    NH or JD combine

    I love JD tractors but couldn’t bring myself to have a jd combine for the above reason. I tried to convince myself last change but in that age range (2000-2005) the NH’s were ageing much better. We had one on hire one year after our TF78 burnt and it went very well (a 2266) but as someone else...
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    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    @Janet Hughes Defra Sorry Janet; do you mean we can do this now on the pilot agreement we’ve already signed, sealed and delivered…or we can do it from the 2022 scheme year? Also; if we can alter things for each scheme year…why are they 3 year agreements? Thanks and really appreciate your time...
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    Triton direct seed drill

    I think by its very nature the Triton moves the whole soil profile just a little bit either way which is why it takes so much pulling but as per the photo it doesn’t invert it. At least it’s something different rather than a reincarnation of something else. Not many novel ideas when it comes to...
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    Direct/Strip-till drilling photo gallery

    Visited the WW into bean stubble again; looking good but slugs are working one corner of one field…looks like older damage; quite surprised to see them after beans. Debating some slug pellets.
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    Spring beans or spring oats

    Less worries about slugs…from my dd wheat into bean stubble today
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    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    I’d have to check the book but I think wheat is number 2 or 3; beans would probably be 5 or 6.
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    Challenger 765D

    Why the exhaust? When my 35 gives up the ghost it will probably be a C so interested in your comment
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    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    Is it a new to you drill or you’ve used it before? The gap from fluted roller to housing is adjustable 1-8; on 8 it will just drop straight through (?)
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    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    Those hoppers/seeding mechanisms have been fitted on a multitude of drills including the freeflow…I’d hazard a guess you have an issue. Have you taken all the end plates off and blasted all the debris out of the air box? Air flow ok?
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    Challenger 765D

    Been told by a few people up to the C’s were pretty good but later ones had a habit of spitting out engines
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    Horsh Sprinter ST 4

    Bargain! Try ellis machinery; they usually have a waiting list for these
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    Grant eligible direct drills

    It’s a good point; not only that but one of the GAEC codes specifically says not to access ground that is unfit to travel on unless absolutely necessary (eg to harvest a crop). Is drilling an autumn crop absolutely necessary in those conditions? Just saying!
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    Grant eligible direct drills

    If you liked that you need to discover the Triton thread on here 😉