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    Tractor flotation Tyres

    I've a pair of 800/65r32 on the combine and they look like a nice width for me and they do seem easier come across.
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    Tractor flotation Tyres

    Thank you.
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    Tractor flotation Tyres

    so im looking for 710/60r38 or 900/55r38?.
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    Tractor flotation Tyres

    Thanks, so everything circled here is the same radius then?
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    Tractor flotation Tyres

    Looking something to replace 650/65r38 for drilling and fert. Would 800/65r32 be a direct replacement? Only changing rears.
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    Looking some advice/info on subsoiling. Got some heavy ground with about 10" of top soil and red clay below, that I need to sort some compaction on. Hope to do a bit once the combine is out and it's hopefully nice and dry. I have no experience at all with subsoiling so wondering what type of...
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    Accord fert spinner seized

    Been there, got the t-shirt. Hated the bloody thing.
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    david brown 880

    You could get a red 4cyl 880.
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    Dennis D200 2.65 slottled screen

    Did you try plot feeds? They did have a lot of Law denis screens etc.
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    Trelleborg tyres very disappointed

    Had a set of Trelleborg on the last tractor- never again. Pure rubbish, splitting and cracking and taken off around 50%.
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    HSS results back today. Fusarium @2% and net blotch and leaf stripe <0.5 Would fusarium level justify dressing?
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    Thank you for this. A wealth of i formation, which I will take a few nights and read through.
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    Who can I contact to get advise on starting up a caravan/glamping site? I am in Northern Ireland and recon I have a fairly good site but have no experience at all of such sites. Is there anything like a caravanning site association that can offer advise on such things like planning or point me...
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    welger rp200

    Bit of brain fade!! looked at it again and sure the spacer slipped off over the top of the nut with a set of pullers.
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    welger rp200

    Need to replace the bearing on the roller which the door hinges on. Took the large drive sprocket off and now cannot get the center nut off, half the nut is recessed into this spacer so cannot get a good fit on the nut. The spacer doesn't seem to be able to be hit back any to reveal anymore of...