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    Contacting the " Management" of tff

    Yes there's a time limit on editing a post. Thread was removed a few days ago as requested (y)
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    Simba Freeflow 3m operators manual
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    Project Xerion.

    Perhaps @Cab-over Pete you could trial asking customers to supply a loader, surely every farm has a telehandler or decent fore end loader. There's always compromise, it reads like you're compromising the best spreading vehicle, the Big A, to be able to tow your own telehandler. It could be...
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    Will LAMMA 2021 happen

    Agtitechnia Nov 2021, Sima Nov 2022 How much further apart do you want them?
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    Stubble cultivator?

    Doing the same today all be it with auto reset, a tined cultivator can remove compaction and wheelings from harvesting and spraying, which is where the short discs fall short imo. In a dry year or if you have a combine on tracks then it's perhaps not a problem. @Poncherello1976 looks a decent...
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    Stubble cultivator?

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    Splitting a right of way maintenance obligation - is it just a matter of division?

    This example is different, land that already enjoys an access right has been sold, unless there is a clause to limit this right being transferred to successors in title then land or parts of land can be sold and utilise the right of way. @fieldfarmer example is using a lands access right as a...
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    Spring barley volunteers

    Aramo/Falcon/Fusilade will all do the job.
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    Spring barley volunteers

    More likely there are tiny weed shoots, just very difficult to spot.
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    Parts prices....again!

    I tried several times with a similar result. If you ask a local dealer who is a Kramp dealer they can set you up, whether you get the discount is another matter. There has been a big push in lockdown by Kramp and their dealers to get customers signed up with accounts.
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    @Alternativedairy contact details?

    Yes Del Boy arranged for a friend to buy them all, so as to give Rodney some confidence. The friend went straight to the scrap yard to get rid of the old lawn mower engines, where Rodney proceeded to buy them all back... 'because they can't get enough of these down at the depot' :ROFLMAO:
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    New Defender TV advert

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    What is the biggest pipe water companies ..

    I should add you need approx 6 times 25mm to get the same flow rate as a 63mm pipe.
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    What is the biggest pipe water companies ..

    If you install a bigger pipe to the water main, say for example 63mm, the water board will probably only supply it with 2x25mm as they cannot usually live tap bigger than this. Picture above shows a 63mm pipe fed by 2x25mm this was a supply that was upgraded this year.

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