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    Old Atcost sheep shed

    Our farm has an atcost shed that was put up under a grant scheme away back in tbe 70s/80s when hill farms were encouraged to finish more lambs inside. I still have all the walk through feeders, some gates with weldmesh and some just with bars (all 1 inch square box construction) and brackets on...
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    Milwaukee Impact Wrench

    Looking at replacing my Milwaukee compact impact wrench with a high torque one as it’s not man enough for a lot of the jobs i need it for. Swithering between the 1/2 and the 3/4 model pros and cons of both?
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    Quad Bikes and added on gear

    Always spec with heated grips and underbody protection. Front box for all the essentials plus clips for the super crook, can holders and cradle for the Psion and the cage on the back for the dogs!
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    Too late to roll silage fields

    not particularly but I spread dung in the winter so there is a bigger chance of stones
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    Weedwiper clogging up!

    No you didn’t youve only ever put glypho through it as it’s the only approved chemical…. on another note have you tried tankwash?
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    Too late to roll silage fields

    should be we had a hell of a rain Friday and Saturday
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    Too late to roll silage fields

    I have two silage fields I didn’t roll with the rest as a result of being sprayed with Thistlex. Typically the weather conditions since then have been good and the grass has shot off. Will it knacker/stunt my silage to roll it now?
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    Mule gimmer lambs

    🤣🤣 the singles are putting twins out our hill is just a disaster they either come back with one half decent one or two sh!t lambs!
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    Mule gimmer lambs

    pleased with them this year tbh. Some of them might be slightly older this group started lambing on the 10th of May.
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    Mule gimmer lambs

    sorry not a great picture they were too wild this morning! Bf x Swales with twin lambs born around mid may
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    Mule gimmer lambs

    That’s true there’s defintely not as many swale breeders with windmills though….😂
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    Boomless ATV sprayer

    is that all home made it what’s it based on? I reckon trailers is better than mounted! More stable, more capacity and you don’t have to take the dog box off!
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    Mule gimmer lambs

    Apart from mean they will know what Heather is unlike a lot of Blackies now……