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    T1 Fungicide advice please

    Hi all. Thank you for your words of wisdom, it is greatly appreciated. So to be clear, the reason for applying Skyway is solely as a protectant against yellow rust?
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    T1 Fungicide advice please

    Hi all. Have been sent Skyway (very expensive) by my agronomist to apply as a T1 alongside Toledo, which I already have in stock. Wheat variety is Costello which I believe is very tolerant against rust- is there any advantage to applying the Toledo AND Skyway or can some more experienced arable...
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    Volunteers as a crop?

    Has anybody had any experience with leaving winter wheat volunteers as a crop. Quite stripey fields from the combine but looks to be a fair bit out there. This year worth a go? Or a big no no?
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    Lambing/Calving/CCTV Cameras??

    With the lambing season fast approaching I’m look at installing some cameras in the lambing shed. Anyone have any recommendations? There seems to be plenty to choose from. Ideally Wireless run off a 4G sim. Best clarity/night vision, 360 degrees viewing and also zoom from phone tablet app would...
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    UK Straw Crop 2019

    Worcestershire/Gloucestershire. We have baled approx 600T ourselves I’m just keen to get a general feel for how much it might be worth this time.
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    UK Straw Crop 2019

    Don’t doubt lots of straw with higher yields but seen a lot chopped instead of baled
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    UK Straw Crop 2019

    Getting the feel that this years straw crop won’t be the biggest. All the big arable boys around me have chopped it this time and contractors have commented on being thousands of bales down. Can others comment on their own areas?
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    3rd wheats?

    Has anybody tried growing a 3rd wheat and been successful with it in recent times. Only in our 3rd year of growing cereals having ploughed a couple hundred acres of old sheep pastures. Disease has been relatively low and no black grass on the farm. Had 2 years of growing Costello feed wheat and...