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    Sim card that is not monthly

    Worth checking which provider has coverage over the areas you want to use. Most providers have PAYG plans either to have a lot of data. The link attached provides insight into whats available today - The best I can find is - Three - £60...
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    Someone’s trying to get into the iCloud account

    Might be worth cleaning it all and getting rid of the lot. The value keeps going down everytime Apple releases something new. On the account issue, try changing the password and see if the errors goes away. If you have used the same email/ password combination on any other website such as email...
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    What is the law about deer

    Based on what's on the tenancy agreement if you have shooting rights on the land, you should be able to manage the numbers. The deer belongs to noone but once shot belongs to the land owner where its lying dead. Do reach out to your local stalkers who does this and rather than a mass cull, its...
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    Someone’s trying to get into the iCloud account

    Any chance you might have sold an old device without logging off the account? Login to your iCloud via a browser and have a look at the configured devices. Remove the ones you don't recognise and unlink it from your account. Also worth changing the password to be on the safe side. Do be wary of...
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    Rats Rats Rats Advice Please

    Best would be to get an air rifle and start practicing. Invite friends over and have a competition as to who can shoot the most. If that doesn't work. worth inviting a few locals who wants to do vermin control for free. May help keep the numbers down.
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    what do i need ?

    Should be able to do it on a tablet or even a phone if it helps.
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    Try a bank called Mettle. They let you create invoices within the app and easier to manage cash flow. Not sure if it helps but it might just work.
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    Mobile phone for my dad

    Why not a decent smartphone? It doesnt have to be expensive. Voice activation helps at times.
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    Windows 10 dropping Wifi

    Hope its been patched/ updated as I have heard some models possibly having issues with the wireless adapter and the driver. Also worth trying to see if it helps giving a static IP to the laptop on the wifi router.
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    Data only Sim deals

    Based on budget and usage. Unlimited deals are available but only if there's no access to Wifi. Also got to be on a good coverage location.
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    Mobile Phone - SIM Only

    Worth getting some free sims from various providers to try out the range across the farm before deciding on one. Its not always the price but a reliable coverage that matters, in my opinion.