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    Mail on Sunday front page tommorrow :-(

    Without doubt "I told you so" are collectively the four most aggravating words in the English language. The only logical reason that a farmer would have voted for Brexit would be to pull British Agriculture down to its knees and to then by means known only unto themselves profit from that...
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    Dear my Member of Parliament

    I've been rumbled, had hoped we could keep our feather bedded life secret. I can now reveal the shocking truth, three Spud Men, enjoying their soft lifestyle, carrying a box of gold from the field
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    Dear my Member of Parliament

    Subject : Boris and “mumbo-jumbo” Alex On 27 April 2018, the EU announced a total ban on neonicotinoid insecticide use. On 30th January 2020 the US Environmental Protection Agency announced their “Regulatory Review” of neonicotinoid pesticides which amounted no more than “working with...
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    Dear my Member of Parliament

    Subject: My staff are not “low-skilled workers” Alex Today we are sending 21.7 tons of potatoes to the London markets. That’s about 135,000 potatoes, they ride in 1,955 separate packs. The potatoes don’t wash and grade themselves, they don’t dutifully jump into those packs on their own, they...
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    Dear my Member of Parliament

    A substantial majority of Farmers voted for Brexit, an equally large majority voted in a Government that is now without effective Parliamentary restraint for the next five years. We have dug our hole it is up to us to get ourselves out of it. One of the ways out is too make sure that our MPs are...
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    Minette did well on QT

    Minette is a class act, she had James Cleverly on the ropes on food standards. Time after time he refused to answer the crucial question. Will Boris allow food imports that it would be illegal to produce in the UK? The question was greeted by a full applause from the audience. Cleverly, not an...
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    Brexit humour

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    The best potato planter and harvester

    Spud, here are a couple of videos taken last year. Charlie can fill you in with the details but simply the 400hp Cat engine drives both the many hydraulic pumps and a three phase generator. All the harvesting modules, which get wider as they progress, are hung below the chassis, the steering...
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    The best potato planter and harvester

    Unfortunately Psix met a fiery end through no fault of it's own. Charlie's P3 has now done six hard Essex years, finished a couple of days ago. Don't spend £500k build your own. Photo shows sun can shine on a spud harvester
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    Your current weather.

    The wet was just beginning to soak away but 8mm today puts us back to square one. Our rainfall info curtesy of :
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    Are electric / hybrid cars a busted flush .

    My better half was sure she did not want a "milk float", it took a little trickery to get her into one, the milk float idea lasted ten yards. I found a previous version with a smaller battery with 600 miles on the clock for the same price as a Ford Focus. I have a happy girl. It is hilariously...
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    Kicking out 21 MP’s

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    AHA Rents, DFRA “Farming is Changing” and "No Deal" Brexit

    All Farms are different so the detail of our Arbitration may not fit your farm. The crunch issue for us was the status of the interest charge on the Landlords improvements. The landlord set the review process going by demanding £88 per acre plus £15 per acre for the improvements. The arbitrator...
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    This forum Brexit

    In logic therefore if we have not lost 52% of farmers, in fact not lost hardly any at all, then the EU must be the greatest thing since Muhammed Ali reckoned he was the greatest. The bible of Agricultural statistics is by Marks and Britton they give the 1976 total of Uk farmers as 299,000 ( we...

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