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    Class 8550 triple more bed trouble

    Yes whole bed has to come out all discs and skids off, i have rebuilt them in a long day with help but as they get older bolts snap or dont come off easy so 2 days really, change all the idler bearings. The only way to remove the bearing is to press them out and the bearing smashes up as there...
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    Quicke Q41 loader multi coupler

    That is not a quicke loader it’s an mx been painted and decals to look like a quicke loader I have fitted o rings in them but it’s important to get the correct size I’ll upload a photo of the size I use
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    Ceat tyres query

    Both are equivalent to 18.4, same rolling radius
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    Any spare diesel

    When i worked in nz in 2015 nz diesel was cheaper than uk red diesel at the time
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    BKT or CEAT

    I’ve had a pair of 520/70r38 ceat on a tractor for a year , impressed with grip and will change the fronts for ceat later this year. A lot of ceat tyres fitted locally through two big tyre dealers
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    Buying from Cheffins Cambridge auction

    I know of a case 5150 bought from there and when it was back in the dealers yard they found out it had no rear diff in it and would only drive in 4wd, also a porous ford with tennis balls shoved into the radiator hoses to keep the fresh coolant in the radiator, so buyer beware
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    Carmarthen Mart

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    Ford 7740 sl dp hydraulics

    Hi I have a Ford 7740 white roof and have lost hydraulic output from the spools, linkage and steering are fine, hyd filters been changed and it made steering lighter but no difference to spools, any ideas before I tackle it tomorrow would be great, Thanks
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    Old Isuzu 2.8 injector pump problem

    I have most parts found and rebuilt the correct ratio transfer box engine and box came from my own lorry so knew the history of it new clutch in it, only bit I need is the time to get on with it
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    Old Isuzu 2.8 injector pump problem

    I have done the same as well, 2.8 was a great engine but I have pulled it out and have a Cummins siting in its place just needs everything connected up, have you started the conversion, collected all the parts?
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    Manitou 523 2003

    Doesn’t look like a 1100 in this one
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    Manitou 523 2003

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    Manitou 523 2003

    I think 2003 would be before the 1100 series more like 2005 was the start of 1100 series in handlers and tractors, I would have said it would have a 900 series at that age
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    Sulky DPX grass seed

    The kind of thing that creates nightmares , our dpx wasnt very good at spreading fertilizer so grass seed was just a guess but did do it for a few years i always set it at half rate the cross the field so its covered twice, vicon varispreader is the ideal one for the job though
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    Quickie Q46 loader Broken !

    Yeah i agree with you on the design of it but theyre off the shelf and does the job but agree quicke could have designed something better, Also agree with you about paperwork stopping competent engineers/welders carying out repairs i stopped welding trailer eyes on for that reason it wasnt...