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    Is It Time To Ban Maize

    can show plenty of examples where there is things wrong with outwintering.... those who do it wrong ruin the theory for the rest
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    Is It Time To Ban Maize

    Potatoes.... outwintering.... beet ground..... all create the same problems but doubt that would be banned
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    Are Ashbrook Hire, Cheshire & N Wales getting out of ag Hire?

    can absolutely guarantee that they are not going out of Ag hire. Some of it’s not Ashbrooks
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    Are Ashbrook Hire, Cheshire & N Wales getting out of ag Hire?

    just refreshing their stock. Rostons are holding a monthly machinery sale at Ashbrooks premises
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    Disappointing 4G download Vodafone

    I have vodaphone and three and in all honesty, I used to think three was awful for reception...... now use vodaphone for work. It’s a waste of time, use my personal phone more as signal drops so much on vodaphone
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    Muck loading js 130

    If using a ditching bucket on a 360, weld a piece of 20mm round bar on the cutting edge of the bucket. Will minimise the amount of soil you dig up from the field
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    BBC lost the plot again!

    Kobe Bryant is a legend and someone to aspire to, I grew up in the generation of Kobe Bryant. Just because you don’t know who he is doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be significant.
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    BBC lost the plot again!

    he talks the same truth as the BBC that he’s moaning about
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    WANTED - Farmers extreme weather experiences

    From the pictures I have seen on here and on Facebook, think Cheshire is rather desperate currently. Everyone else seems to be getting some crops in the ground, I know many farmers who have less than 10% of their ground with a crop in it. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire might have been flooded, fair...
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    Just one implement

    for what return? Pulling tankers and trailers doesn’t pay. Your just doing a job that someone else doesn’t want to wreck their tractor doing. with dvsa cracking down on tractors and trailers, would stay well away from anything road orientated unless you want to run white diesel and wear tyres...
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    Just one implement

    and they are going to want you in fields doing jobs? :unsure:
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    Found a drain!

    probably about £80 from a hire shop? rather pay £80 and find it in an hour than all day and maybe still not have a clue. i worked for a drainage contractor for 5 years and never carried a pot of dye
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    Found a drain!

    Why not do it properly and hire a sonde and car scan and use drainage rods? Be a big ask doing 350 metres but I know one thing..... wherever you think a drain goes...... it never does! sonde shows exactly where it is
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    When’s a deal done?

    If you were to sell a piece of machinery off your farm you wouldn’t let the person take it without payment, why expect to be any different with other businesses?
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    Self-Employed or Employed

    each to their own obviously. The amount I was earning I didn’t really fancy putting 20% just for the sake of keeping the taxman happy. I did everything I could to pay as little as possible. £6000 is still a lot to pay out when the time comes though. glad I have just done my last self assessment...

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