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    New Water main across and drainage ditch

    They hang in the air here. Where is your meter? Mines a mile away, all the supply beyond the meter is my responsibility
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    If there's a real shortage globally, the sky is literally the limit. And currently there's little to no good news on harvests.
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    Avatar discs.

    I've done 1150ha with my 3m, then put worn big disc as small disc, new big discs and bearings cost £60.65 each, so £1091.70 to redo the 3 m (18 discs), I had replaced 15 bearings in that time, but I have now got the bearings off the worn small discs to use, so they're negated to a point. My...
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    Hare Coursers video - Cambridgeshire 26OCT21

    barstewards. Makes me bloody cross watching that, because that's just the same round here too. No care about anything except themselves.
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    Weaving GD user thread

    The osr volunteers were knee high at drilling time. Still can't quite believe it. Wasn't brave enough not to pellet though. Got mega populations here in every scenario. Wet summer and Romney marsh equals lots of slugs
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    Tinnitus and throat problem.

    Just a slight aside. Join an organisation like benenden health care trust. It's not private medical insurance, and they don't do real major stuff. BUT they have 24 hr GP helplines, mental health too, and if the wait is too long on NHS they can step in and see you privately. And for an absolute...
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    Kv gps

    The KV screen should be ISO, so in theory it could be possible. But in practice I sincerely doubt it.
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    Combining grain maize

    If anyone in the southeast is interested I am considering growing some next year. Just need to work out the logistics side. Should be about 400 tonnes if it goes ahead. Crimping not dried.
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    Weaving GD user thread

    I find the biggest issue is speed, followed by the wet soil as @tr250 says above. But blocked tubes also as the beans can jam, I always insist the seed cleaners dump the biggest beans in the waste, that helps a lot. Not sure scrapers make much difference, I find it's keeping the discs shimmed...
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    Combining grain maize

    @Devon James Is that you on the farmers weekly with a strip till establishment system for maize?
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    Combining grain maize

    If we could rely on a few weeks of real frost it'd be a really good crop. Cut in the frost, dry, no soil damage. Ideal.
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    Combining grain maize

    The beauty of a maize header is you run on the trash.
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    Combining grain maize

    His was crimped at 30 odd % moisture. Not dry.
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    Combining grain maize

    Whereabouts are you. Neighbour cut his last week here in Kent. It was definitely done pretty sharp, but it is in the clamp and drilled wheat after.
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    Has it started again ?

    It'll be like snot compared to untouched stubbles.