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    COP26 ... Your predictions

    f**kwittery doesn't:( although wuckfittery does:)
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    “The animal agriculture industry is not long for this world”

    Sir Humphrey Appleby GCB KBE MVO?
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    Open lies about dairy farming

    I'll just leave this here again.
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    It's getting boring now. Next we'll have formula one driver telling us.....oh
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    COP26 ... Your predictions

    Davos would give it a run for its money.
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    Food shortages being kept quiet?

    Surely it's no bad thing to be out of crisps and pop. Lot of fat people about.
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    Politicians that have gone up in your estimation

    Is he called Gerald? Kinda looks familiar.
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    Biggest sham in history?

    *almost always
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    Coldplays world tour.

    Can you add Bono to that. Thanks
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    "Insulate Britain" try to close down the M25

    Best not, I'm off out. But I guess you win. :)
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    "Insulate Britain" try to close down the M25

    Quite. Something we should all get behind.