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    Recommend me a basic welder...

    Be careful with that oil, it’s a massive carcinogen. I remember cleaning one out about 20 years ago before I knew this up to my elbows in the oil. 🤞🤞
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    Norwich to York (military tracked vehicle)

    James Dixon Transport
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    Bailey flat deck low loader

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    Bailey flat deck low loader

    You’re officially a legend and no law applies to you.
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    Field required for a party

    I can do this, but you’ll need to come to Suffolk.
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    Fendt 828

    How much bigger physically is a 930? It needs to stand in for occasional corn cart.
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    Trimble gps guidance

    I have a full FMX kit available taken out of a Quadtrac which is for sale.
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    Fendt 828

    I’m sure it will manage a 6m Claydon, will it manage an 8m Sprinter on 5” Dutch, heavy clay, undulating rather than hilly?
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    My 2 guys are 22 and 23, they certainly don’t have grandfather rights! Who the hell agrees to this ccrap?
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    Farming Number Plates

    Always wanted TUP 1T
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    Farming Number Plates

    LE55 TAX has been seen in this locality more than once.
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    Early Nitrogen for tillering

    I don’t disagree but this year more than any other I want nutrition on the floor as soon as the crop starts to grow. So many times I’ve heard others preach that I go to early and then miss the opportunity when it does arrive themselves! Biomass is essential this year.
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    New driver insurance

    I shall probably pay until she’s married or earning a fortune, which she told me today she will ( and I believe her).
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    Suggest some Names for my Goat?

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    New driver insurance

    My son thought it was a badge of honour, my daughter doesn’t!

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