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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Tidying up after opening a few drains
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    For the Dung experts

    Crane larvae aka leatherjackets, bad lil fuc43rs
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    local forecast .

    Xc weather app for smartphone or tablet, it really is excellent
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    Water smartweed / amphibious bistort control

    I have a plague of it and I can't seem to find a suitable herbicide. Cutting it does knock it back a bit but won't kill it. I think it's in the knotweed family
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    Boosting WiFi signal via electric cables around the house?

    I'd safely say so. I live in a very remote area where the electrical infrastructure is fairly primative. I know of power surges in my area which have damaged cordless phones, set top boxes etc but I have had the homeplugs for a few years no hassle.
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    Boosting WiFi signal via electric cables around the house?

    I use a set of TP link network powerline adapters / homeplugs. Fantastic gadgets. Plug one in beside router /modem, plug 2nd one (WiFi unit) into any plug socket coming from the same breakers / trip switches. Gives me WiFi in the sheds, garden etc. They work better if plugged straight into...
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    Heifer acting strangely.

    I have a batch of replacements and 1 is starting to concern me. She is BB / AA / with a bit of Sim in her too, 26 months old, approx 600 KG, AI'd six weeks ago. A stranger could walk up and rub her generally, she has no fear of humans. Except 3 times she has kinda frightened me out in the...
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    If your 'up North' or in Scotland watch for leatherjackets

    I give my land a fast roll with an empty land roller in October. It helps control the leather jackets as it seals off their air tunnels. I still have some dursban but don't need it atm
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    The old stock were made of cast iron, they saw harder times.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    The swamp master
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    Loosening seized bolts

    I gave it to a local welder / wizard who does bits for me now and again. He got the bolts moving and tightened them up. I know an airgun was involved. Then he welded the lot together.
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    Massey 165 diff lock

    That's a round axle model chief, I reckon they are different but cheers anyway
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    Massey 165 diff lock

    Some time ago I tried to free the seized diff pedal on my square axle 165 and ended up breaking the support / bracket that the diff pedal is connected to. (Brute force and ignorance) My plan is to buy a new bracket / support and steep the pedal in diesel to free it before attaching it to the new...
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    Identify the weed

    What kind of herbicide might kill it? Without killing the grass
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    Identify the weed

    I'm starting to think it's called redshank / jesusplant