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    Cordex giant packs

    Cordex app will tell you. As well as how many bales per pack.
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    Baler Twine

    Cordex 9250 is what I used to use. Even better in the jumbo packs, can do a lot of bales without having to worry about string.
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    Conventional bales to rolls of string

    Download the Cordex Agritools app. It’ll tell you how many bales for the grade of string and length of bale.
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    Front mower conditioner

    Will you use the tractor for anything else?
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    Suckler cow rolls East England

    Manor Farm Feeds
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    Pottinger power harrow

    It was a friends drill. I believe he bought it from Russell’s. He’s also been looking at the folding ones.
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    Pottinger power harrow

    From the experience I had using a 3 meter combi last spring and autumn I could see no problem at all with a 3 year old model. I was very pleased with the job it did and how easy it was to use for a drilling novice like me.
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    Bale packers

    My bandit operation was just contracting. I started off doing my own with a bit of contracting. I got to the stage of having run two machines to keep on top of work. Due to a few other business changes I stop doing my own work and completely focused on the contracting. This was the main reason...
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    Shaun Prentice, Sharp transport is your man.
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    Bale packers

    Bale Bandit is a good machine but unfortunately the back up in the U.K. and from the USA has drastically reduced over the last couple of years. To the point I had a machine down for three weeks. No one from bandit in the U.K. was willing to come to me to help diagnose the problem. I did receive...
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    New toy day

    Yes kind of. I used it a little like that or as a rough cut before the hedge cutter. But it is a very rough cut. Really good around fence posts being fully offset.
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    New toy day

    yes and 60 degrees down if I remember correctly.
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    New toy day

    I bought one of those in 2006 still running strong with its new owner now. Brilliant topper! Was the first piece of machinery I purchased.
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    Deutz Fahr 8TTV

    wet the appetite:rolleyes:
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    Deutz Fahr 8TTV

    Any reason for the move away from ZF?