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    560 65 22.5 wheels and tyres

    Need 4 on 10 stud centres please. 500 65 22.5 would be ok if cheaper cheers all
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    Wanted - teejet 844-e control box

    You tried chafer
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    High houred multidrive 6185

    Thanks . That's great advice. Will pop and see her. Sometimes if you think about stuff too much you won't do nothing
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    High houred multidrive 6185

    Thanks again. Silly question. I guess there's a dipstick for the gearbox. I'm try to load a picture up. She's at cleanacres.
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    High houred multidrive 6185

    Thanks for all the advice. 1 problem I got is it comes on 600 wheels. And no row crops. It sounds like there abit hens teeth. Does the gearbox play up at all. The 50 km would be handy
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    High houred multidrive 6185

    Failed to put a picture up. Looks like it has 8 studs on the front and 12 on the back. Think its leaf springs. Knight sprayer
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    High houred multidrive 6185

    Looking at a high houred sprayer outfit. 13200hours. Won't be doing many hours a year but will this be a big gamble . what to look out for when I go and see it. Currently got a case sp. More power on the banks would be good. And a mechanical drive it should fly. All advice please
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    Massey Ferguson Front wheels tyres.

    How much and are the back ones available
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    650 65 r42 &540 65 r30 Michelin

    I got a set but would be more like 15 %. brecon.
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    Berthoud boxer sp sprayer

    No good then. Only done 4000hours
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    Berthoud boxer sp sprayer

    Any 1 run 1. Looking at a second hand one with low hours on a 54 plate. Ugly as hell but the right Price. All advice please
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    JCB JS130

    On my old js 13 there was a small plate in front of the engine one where there was a grease nipple. I'd never know it was there. It started to grumble. A good grease sorted it
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    Low houred late MF6290, or 6480 tier2 dynashift.

    Try llansilin tractors. They have a good name. They have a very low houred 6465 and 6480 t2