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    Farming Girls

    Farm girls like to make things difficult when farming.
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    Ear tags for sheep

    Sorry... I'm not on here all the time like some people so I don't know fully how this site works. Slight over reaction on the 100!
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    Ear tags for sheep

    I was wondering what ear tags everyone uses. what they would and wouldn't recommend? Thanks
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    Livestock Work Wanted

    Im 23 based in Surrey, outwood. I have cow experience but more sheep experience as currently have my own sheep and help my partner out with his contracting business so can drive a tractor. Please message me for more info Thanks
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    Weaners for sale - gatwick

    Large white X weaners mixed sex 10 available £30 ATTACH=full]341140[/ATTACH] ATTACH=full]341138[/ATTACH]
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    Sore sheeps udder HELP!!

    Heres a picture today when i checked this evening and has now gone black which wasn't like this morning?! Milk is coming out of teats. Antibiotics and pencillin
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    Ewe lambs

    I got suffolks and they all lambed perfect!! This time round!! 6 boys and one ewe lamb stand strong and good mums. Always fend are Kelpie off. Although I found once the lambs were born they had no get up and go I had to keep getting them up to drink so they wouldn't give up!
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    Sore sheeps udder HELP!!

    Have sprayed the sores today with antibiotic spray and weaned the lambs off. The lumps are still very hard.
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    Sheep shearing

    That would be great @SFP will message you for details! Thank you!!
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    Sheep shearing

    She could well be!!!
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    Sheep shearing

    @SFP Haha you can laugh 5 sheep plus the lambs but they don't need it. @Ysgythan and @Henarar thanks will have a look thought it would be a big thing but when I looked it up couldn't find anyone!
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    Sore sheeps udder HELP!!

    No the two lumps are at the back of the udder between her back legs. You can see them when you stand behind her. Milk still coming out of Teats. Or would ther not be a lot in the one that's not sore? Seeing as she has three they are fine fat little things but one of them is a runt and he is...
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    Sore sheeps udder HELP!!

    One of the teats is still quite sore and open. Still getting milk out Two lumps at the back like a palm size and hard. Hopefully you can see the picture.
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    Wanted Suffolk Sheep or other ewes

    Dam... Really... Where are you based?
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    Sheep shearing

    Thank you...hi! Haha I was think about that!! Be so much easier just find random bits of sheep in the field.

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