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    BCMS How does it work ?

    Anyone been into bcms to know how it works ? ie are movements , deaths , applications done manually or scanned or ??? How do they correct problems registered etc. How is it possible to report an animal over 48 mths that you don't know where its gone , prob dead but cant find it ? and all the...
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    Bare root hedging plants

    Johnstons of Whixley
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    Jcb 531/70 wheels or rims 24 inch

    Any body got any of the above for spares
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    Charging batteries

    Any ctec 12 v will be fine in situ.
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    Stobarts a case in point ?

    Eddie Stobart shareholders have approved a rescue plan for the truck company, staving off possible collapse. One of the firm's largest shareholders, DBay Advisors, will lend it £55m through high-interest bonds and assume control of the haulier. Shareholders voted "overwhelmingly" for the deal...
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    Fuel price tracker

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    birds pecking haylage bales

    Draw some large bird eyes on with whitewash or paint
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    A Good Long Range Torch

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    Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

    Thanks for the offer , Ive decided that as its purely elevation side and end drawings to scale, I should stop being defeatist and do them myself using a conversion tool and a simplistic design , It may be a mistake , but there ye go , Ill let you know !
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    Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

    That part is still to be decided, after I know they arnt going to stop it . Im only looking for elevation drawings to scale .
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    Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

    I need elevation plans to support a prior notification application for a genuine 120ft x40ft x 15ft basic portal frame shed .or similar size . scale 1-100 or 1-200 I was wondering if anyone had any they have used and were willing to share or part with a copy
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    Cattle Hurdles - Help!

    It may help if you said where you are ??? I have some you could look at .
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    Graham Edwards trailers

    2012 trailer no 643
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    letting land - advice needed

    Livestock market / auctioneers .

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