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    Drag chopper pictures

    Love the 6200s some of the best MFs made.
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    Comer topper gearbox

    Comer Industries (UK) Ltd 01530 231504
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    Best weather apps.

    Do like my father does get 10 weather apps look at them all till you find one that is saying the weather you want then believe that one.
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    I admit, I have a workshop tool addiction :-)

    Shame they only go up to 19mm
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    Jb edlington weed wipers

    We couldn’t get hold of them this time last year for some roll parts ended up getting the made elsewhere. Tried on and off for 2 weeks.
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    Situation Vacant Combine driver

    JOB - COMBINE DRIVER job now filled thank you for looking. Combine Driver required for Harvest 2022 at R Jones and Sons, a Family farm in Leicestershire (Postcode le9 7tr) 600 acres of mixed cereals crops, on a Claas lexion 620. Full time role from last week of July to late September. Main...
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    New mig welder

    Got a gys that’s 7/8 years old and it’s been spot on it’s done a hell of a lot of work. If it died tomorrow i would buy another one.
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    Project Zetros

    Be just the thing to drive a round in Warwickshire. 😂
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    Wheel trolley

    We got one last year it’s been very good think was £565 plus vat last year. From @REStracTORATION
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    Mag drills

    Got an evolution evomag50 must be 15 years old ifs had some use and a fall or 2 the wind handles have been snapped and welded and had to put a new power lead on it last year. I would happily buy another if it died tomorrow
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    Idiots guide to Milwaukee.....

    Has anyone used a Milwaukee cordless mag drill? If so how did you get on with it?
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    Where to get used milling machine or radial arm drill

    Plenty of Bridgeport’s on eBay for £1500/2000 milling machines the machine it’s self is only half the cost the tooling can get expensive fast.
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    Dewalt impact parts

    I got one of eBay last year and I have had parts from here before.
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    Sumo packer roll

    This is what I was hoping I think the tube has still got some life in it. I will ask are dealer. Thank you.
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    Sumo packer roll

    Are Sumo multpress Packer roll is getting pretty worn out is it possible to get new rings to weld on? Or is it a new packer roll time?