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    Our fuel suppliers today told us they were now giving away freebies , a 10L can of adblue ... how feckin boring is that ? If you are going to give a freebie away make it something nice . We spend thousands a year on fuel and get offered a can of adblue worth £2.70 . 🤬
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    Fuel price tracker

    39.6p 15,000l en590 Lincs fuels delevered south lincs
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    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Saw the x9 going in beans on Cayleys this morning I think , near lynn hospital . On way back this afternoon there was something in there cultivating, didn’t see what but wife said tractor was a big un .
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    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Had a day good couple of days in spring beans , yields are a lot better than we were expecting at around 2ton /ac . 40 ac left to cut but weather is looking good for Monday so we’re having a day off today .
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    New toy day

    Seed is blown from the front hopper , this will mainly be used for wheat and beans .
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    New toy day

    It’s not as wide as it looks in the pics , under three meters at a guess .
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    osr sowing survival strategy

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    New toy day

    Our new Weaving Sabre Tine tool bar has just arrived 😃😃
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    Flea beetle 2020 their absence this August

    On our later drilled osr we can easily find csfb damage where we shallow lined the headlands and in a few bare patches where there was no stubble due to flooding , the rest of the fields that wee in touched and just drilled straight into the stubble there is hardly any damage .
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    osr sowing survival strategy

    Our first lot drilled is growing well here .
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    Side flail mower

    Kuhn make the best mower for brinks and dyke sides . Don’t go to wide , 2.2m is plenty wide enough or you end up dragging it along the ditch bottom and bending things . Kuhn tilt ram is only single acting so can’t be forced down on the ground which also adds A lot of stress .
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    The what I f^cked up today thread...

    Not mine but a neighbour .
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    osr sowing survival strategy

    We would but no one is keen on spending where OSR is concerned.
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    Ultra shallow cultivation

    We have an inverta max and it has depth wheels on the front . Doesn’t need that much power our 6210r can pull the 6m easily .
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    Today at work

    It’s bring up some random error codes which we suspect may be caused by some chaffed or broken wires .

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