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    Laser Level

    £50 !!! Pay that for spirit levels
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    Quality building

    I don't think cold rolled supplies will get back to normal for months It was much easier last year in the middle of the lockdown
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    Airless paint sprayer

    Try Sprayplant uk Ours came from there. £2,000 though
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    Today at work

    Lads had a good day today.
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    Dealing with depression - suicidal thoughts - Join the conversation (including helpline details)

    Yes, smiling and happy on the surface but paddling like mad underneath ! I’ve seen that, I’ve learnt to look into someone’s eyes, they don’t lie !
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    Pz jumbo 420

    Check and replace the plastic bushes on the tine holders. Also use genuine tines if you can get them. we did use some cheap copies once and they don’t last. i think we shimmed the rotors once to take up any play. But it’s a long time ago. I’ve slept since then !
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    Pz jumbo 420

    Do they still make them ? Had one over 20 years ago rowing up two 9’ rows. Did a superb job moving rows onto fresh ground and leaving a smooth fluffed up 18’ row for 10x Also the faster you went the better the row
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    What length rafters?

    Will depend how wide your columns are if that width is to the outside
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    Did anyone else feel cold today Fri March16th)although bright sunshine?

    Been working at Haverhill Suffolk/Cambridge last couple of days. Absolutely frozen stiff with coat and woolly hat on Came home today to the ‘grim’ North to find warm sunshine and blue skys
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    Today at work

    Some bolt boxes in today In Suffolk but a struggle getting concrete. There must be a lot of concrete being poured around here Just about warmed up. The freezing wind made it the coldest day I’ve had for ages
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    Boat Race, Great Ouse, Cambridgeshire

    Only the smell of that recycling plant !!
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    Boat Race, Great Ouse, Cambridgeshire

    We were working around there last year and thought mountain rescue was the strangest thing !!
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    Helping new self employed

    He may have worked for someone who had to deduct 20% tax so would have to use those numbers
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    A bit on extra on the side 😗

    It used to be 4800 ft 2 I put a good few grain stores up then 80’ x 60’ which grew a bit to be that size internally to be 60’ which with walls and width of columns ended up nearer 65‘ wide Be aware they also take into account any concrete yard in front in the area so don’t mention that !
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    Today at work

    Glad we got all concrete yesterday. It was a touch wet this morning ! We were back home for 1 Back in a few weeks