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    Things your Other Half says ...

    Different species!
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    Today NOT at work

    I remember taking my boys about 10 years ago. On the path up to the American building there was 8x4 foot plates of glass each with a hundreds or thousands of little planes etched on them. Each represented a lost plane in the war There was a lot. I’ll always remember their mood when they...
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    Things your Other Half says ...

    Oh. By the way ......
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    nissan navara any good?

    I agree the paint is crap
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    nissan navara any good?

    Mine was fine but I should have got rid before warranty ran out. It’s done 130;000 in 41/2 years Just had egr valve, egr cooler at a cost of £2,000. Realise now that main dealer mechanics are just laptop drivers and about ok for servicing Doris’s Nissan Duke. When asked why they hadn’t done a...
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    Which excavator?

    M J Wilkinson
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    Which excavator?

    Oh he would know !! Left school could hardly read and write and has built a multi million business. Invoices still come hand written He has a great memory. Knows where every machine is and what it has with it His fitters says they wish he’d stop buying and sell some. I’ll get a picture of one...
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    Which excavator?

    MJ Wilkinson 01253 701688 / 07711 701688 He has hundreds of machines of all sizes and condition. If he hasn’t he’ll know where one is !
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    Drawings to fabricate a building

    175/16 will be fine there usually set 10mm proud of rafter so overall height is 185mm
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    Prices 60x40x15

    Location ?
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    Today at work

    But if steel up today to cover a silo
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    Barn conversion

    Good idea. I’ve some stables to do and the question was asked if the panels could be faced like that I suppose if the bought in brick slips were used I could notch the panels to make them flush to the steels
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    Barn conversion

    Did you cut them thinner then for over the steel ?
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    Jacking up a livestock shed

    Definitely. And carefully inspect purlins for any rot etc especially if there’s any damp been leaking in. But they’ll probably better than new ones you get now !
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    Oh dear

    ??? Certainly not !!! We’re busy but I’m not that desperate ! They would be sacked before first bay was done

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