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    They can certainly burrow up through feed!
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    Man jailed for neglect of over 200 animals at Surrey farm

    Next to a busy road in, on the outskirts of one of the most prosperous villages in Surrey - how did to go on so long?
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    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour?

    Piece rates, endless arguments, crop too thick, crop too thin, tractor too fast, too slow...
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    Weed In reseeded grass

    I think both/all are right for that farmer's field/soil/stock - there are no simple answers in agriculture, it all depends...
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    Weed In reseeded grass

    One of the joys of TFF is that for every question you get at least two vehement opposite answers.
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    Here you go, no need to thank me.
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    Future of Farming Worshipful Company of Farmers

    Fascinating, thanks for sharing.
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    Glyphosate shortage

    Pondering LIAISON, the Green Book and CRD for mixtures that might be in better supply then single ai materials and whether the higher glyphosate prices make other materials previously too expensive worth considering assuming their label allows...
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    Regen Ag book recommendation please

    Ye fire hardened blackthorn tyne dragged forth by four oxen or eight villains, twelve if they be starved, doth open ye earthe most wondrous if thee be desirous to follow ye Clive of Warwick who doth exceeding hateth ye plowes
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    Vegetable packaging

    Please don't tell me you send your fine Yorkshire produce to market in boxes with French labels...that would be too ignominious
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    Regen Ag book recommendation please

    The Book of Husbandry, by Anthony Fitzherbert 1534, ye olde dude was way ahead of his time. There be plowes of dyuers makynges in dyuers countreys, and in lyke wyse there be plowes of yren of dyuers facyons. And that is bycause there be...
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    Vegetable packaging

    Ok, what are French boxes, banana boxes I know, French letters too.
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    Sodium Nitrate fertiliser

    Was widely used pre-WW2 - good stuff but costs more than urea or AN. After the war the ammonia producing factories switched from explosives to fertiliser. More here:$FILE/NSS-24%20SN.pdf I am pretty sure it is not...
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    Farming should be as high-yield as possible

    Farming should be as high-yield as possible so it can be limited to relatively small areas, allowing much more land to be left as natural habitats while still meeting future food targets, according to a major new analysis of over a decade of research. Most species fare better under this "land...
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    100,000 pigs to be destroyed

    Its such a shame and such a waste, we have been giving piglets away to the public as pets.