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    Thought French would be too sensible but it seems not

    You might think a famously logical nation might not be so silly...
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    Peat & Moss soils

    Interesting, I understood about half of the UK's Grade One soil was found in peaty fens? Sounds like this no longer so.
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    Peat & Moss soils

    I suppose it would be no good suggesting celery? God, how I love proper fen celery. With some cheese, and a drop of pickle, salt too. Come out like dwarf sticks of wood round here.
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    Potatoes splitting

    Good point, potatoes desperate things for herbicide damage. Sulfonylureas cause star-like cracking. These don't affect viability of daughter tubers Glyphosate does affect viability of daughter tubers and can be symptomless although cracking can occur at high doses Aminopyralid/clopyralid can...
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    Potatoes splitting

    Second growth, dry conditions tubers halt, wet conditions off they grow, splits develop then heal. See also dollies.
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    Took my pa6 in 1990, course in North Cadbury village hall. Quite an experience. Had refresh this summer, no exam, just the course, since some youngsters in our training group had arranged the course. Well worth it, learnt a lot.
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    Winter beans drilled, well up, but no chem applied. what options?

    Bentazone, right little bleeder for getting into water. I suspect too much pollution risk for application to field beans but broad beans grown on smaller scale and later in season (vining peas more profitable so freezers not interested in beans until peas gathered) when soils well below below...
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    The Mafia & Farmland

    And quite right too. But people who are glad to be off a "gravy train" at the end of the month no doubt have not dipped their Yorkshire pud in that particular gravy over the years. I salute people of such sturdy principles
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    How much crap do we need to keep?

    Suppose, God forbid, you have a fire? Keep a box of photocopies somewhere secure offsite?
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    The Mafia & Farmland

    Outrageous and well done you and all other principled farmers for returning all your subsidies over the years.
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    Pea seed dressings

    Wakil seems to make emergence of early sown peas much more reliable. The metalaxyl, active against water moulds, perhaps stymies the pythium and phytophthora that rot off seeds in cool wet ground. A Feb/March showing in this dry district and sandy loam usually crops much better than later sowings.
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    Why are people so scruffy

    Pour cooking oil over her windscreen. No serious harm so no criminal damage, inconvenient though. If she asks say someone threw it into the hedge and it bounced back and sloshed on her car, unfortunelty she . I once left a new unopened jar of nutella in a holiday rent. Still haven't got over it.
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    Farmers without qualifications could be excluded from funding

    I am an educated idiot, but have a certain low cunning that sees me through. I choose to call that a PhD from the university of life.
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    I love stuff like this...

    Surprising number of lions in West Country. Used to know of one in Yeovil, kept as a pet by shop owner in back of shop, fed on unwanted bull calves (dead calves of course). Yeovil not so far from Devon...
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    I love stuff like this...

    (Beyond Pesticides, January 7, 2020) It may seem peculiar at first sight, but painting zebra stripes on domestic cattle has the potential to significantly reduce the livestock industry’s use of toxic pesticides, according to research published last year by Japanese scientists at the Aichi...

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