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    overhanging neighbours trees

    Council offices, and make sure the trees are not in conservation area while you are at it. As everyone knows the correct way to deal with overhanging trees is to light a bonfire beneath the boughs, pallets, old fence posts, you know the stuff. At this time of year trees go up like a torch...
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    Is this blight on my potatoes?

    I am with the blackleggers, it is sporadic and associated with infected seed tubers, which fits with the queen's being affected and Piper not. There are signs of senescence, as you might expect in a second early in August, but not blight imho. Hope there are is a bumper crop down below...
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    Right to roam on rivers.

    Walking on water? Saves on waders I suppose.
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    Roundup on skin

    Contrary to the vapourings of the usual nutters glyphosate is about the safest pesticide known, so although there is risk it is small.
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    Roundup on skin

    If it was an amateur formulation the risk is minimal as they are formulated to be used without specialised equipment. If a professional formulation the risk is still minimal but you should ring the manufacturers helpline, just to be sure. They will have data on the risk, if any.
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    Controlling seeding of cover crops

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    On the road today

    I have never cared for anything north of Warminster, but East Knoyle? They should have known better.
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    Major UK Agricultural Shows

    Fruit Focus
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    Most efficient way to cool down a greenhouse?

    Lath houses often used for propagation in hot countries
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    Most efficient way to cool down a greenhouse?

    Best painted on outside. Some paints go translucent in wet weather. Ordinary limewash works well enough if bone fide paint unavailable.
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    What does Wolds land mean?

    Wolds are downs scraped nearly level by glaciers, the glaciers stopped on Salisbury Plain leaving some big rocks, they never reached the true downs, which is why the wilts, dorset, hants sussex, Kentish chalk ridges remain, but the true downs did get permafrost and associated freezing and...
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    Basis Classroom

    Hmmm, it was OK under Chrome - I will have take another look.
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    Languages of TFF

    Klingon = fluent
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    Basis Classroom

    I think you have to choose the correct answer before the submit button shows.
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    Mowing verges

    Long acres, have not heard that for a while

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