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    Gates, security and travellers

    Think it has both a keypad for the occupiers and a buzzer system for delivery drivers to contact the people they are delivering to.
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    Aircon or Not

    Can't understand people who don't like aircon, I issue more staff bollockings over aircon than anything else, I leave it on auto mode and just adjust the temperature to suit the day. Windows always demisted, everything comfortable, blower adjusts to suit requirements. When I get in a vehicle...
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    Gates, security and travellers

    |There's a local on farm industrial estate with a coded gate, when i'm working nearby you see all sorts of parcel vans etc pulling up and gaining access. They get far worse treatment at the big warehouses so a 30 second delay for a gate to open won't worry them
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    So why are so many vaccinated people getting Covid?

    The vast majority of hospitalisations and deaths are in the small part of the population who have chosen to not be vaccinated, thats good enough for me to choose a booster. Sod your conspiracy theories
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    Pet food and the sheep meat trade

    The petfood boxes just mention "meat from various sources" I've always assumed that there is a lot of odds and ends of chicken in that as it is cheapest, followed by pork. Whilst it is true that many households appear to not eat lamb, we need to remember that it is the meat of choice for...
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    You only have to stand on Earith Bridge and look Northward to see how pee poor maintenance has been for many years. The New Bedford used to be a straight flood channel all the way to Denver, now it resembles a slow natural river with reed beds and other vegetation along both banks. The EA...
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    JCB 538-60

    This sounds closer to the truth than the chassis being distorted. The design of the chassis is so simple with the axle attachement plates welded to the side frames, you would defy people to mess this up.
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    British Tractors

    Time after time I see this statement "bugger all made here anymore" We have to understand that parts manufacture is a global business. As an example I drive vehicles assembled in Belgium and Turkey with Dagenham built engines.
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    British Tractors

    All the profits always went overseas right from day 1 of Ford tractor prduction in the UK
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    Force Majeure on capital work for Stewardship

    What can you do but try ? You might not succeed but the people at NE will surely love you for keeping them in employment. At least 6 months of case meetings both online and on site (on site involving mileage expenses and lunches out. They will spend more than the grant just talking about you.
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    What are your rights when you have been left a half share in the net proceeds of sale and the net income until sale of a property (farm)

    As with most others I would guess this is a situation with two siblings, only one of which works on the farm, with this question being asked by the non farming sibling. The non farmer assuming they are in employment needs to look at their own terms and conditions, 37 or 39 hour week, sick pay...
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    All things Dairy

    That's a joke, remember all those renewable only electricity suppliers who recently went bust due to the cost of their natural gas going up
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    That one really is a sackable offence, if he had been at normal expected speed he would have slid it though the gateway into the plant no problem :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    JD not up to standard

    Had one for a vehicle that does meet the standard but nothing for the three that I own that do not. I live a fair way from London and have no intention of driving there, so how many million of this stupid letters has sadiq Khan sent out ?
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    Stolen equipment may not be far away

    Not giving an incident number is a complete breach of procedures, that is something that should be reported to a higher rank