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    Yet another mass shooting in the USA

    No big story, the US politicians will offer "thoughts and prayers" and it will all be forgotten - until the next time
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    The box trailers generally appear to have the twin axles on two sliding rails, fully back for road work and forward for maneuvering. The rails look very flimsy compared to our trailer chassis.
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    So thats why lots of business people spent the build up to Christmas with a mop and bucket ! £3m sounds very low for the flood damage, I heard one claim was £1.5m and know that another was 500k. Must have been around 25 businesses affected. The field where Macdonalds is has always been wet. I...
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    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    But you weren't taught how to cook at school were you ? I can cook but its from my Mum and my own enthusiasm. many people now just aren't interested on making their own meals when there is deliveroo.
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    Paintwork warranty.

    looks the same to me. bright steel sheet degreased and powder coated, paint doesn't key on and lifts off in large flakes as soon as moisture gets underneath. Unfortunately this is the norm for machinery of any sort.
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    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    The can't cook meals thing is easy: before my time at school they taught cookery - how to make a shepherds pie, apple tart etc, by my time it was home economics, it was by them for boys as well as girls, we sat in a fully equipped cookery classroom but barely turned an oven on. Later it...
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    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    I wanted someone (preferably recently retired with time on their hands looking for a bit extra to finance a nice holiday or even with the supposed cost of living crisis to keep the heating on) to work approx 8 hours a week for £15 an hour. No experience necessary and very undemanding. Employee...
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    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    I know its wrong to generalise, but: We are looking for part time staff at present, 2 weeks ago we had an applicant: Long term unemployed, he came in to see us and to be blunt he made it more or less impossible to employ him: Major issue was that he was not happy that due to moving from the...
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    Lack of insects

    We have the worst greenfly infestation in the garden I can ever remember, lots of whitefly as well. Just driven alongside the river at dusk and windscreen covered in insects, once again very large amount for early May. Think the mild winter is going to make it a bad year for insects on crops.
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    Ever met a pleasant dog walker ?

    A small bunch of dog walkers destroyed our parish council, they were so unpleasant with their demands all the cllrs worth having resigned. Wanted to use the football pitches for dog walking, expected council to buy land for a dog walking field etc. Consistently kept posting lies in Facebook.
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    Residential Neighbour spraying weed killer into field

    Don't you have a scruffy cattle float you can park against the boundary for a few weeks ?
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    Election day

    For the first time in nearly 40 years I couldn't be bothered to vote nor could my wife. We had the sitting lib dem cllr who sent out two leaflets full of lies, he claimed to have dealt with the pot holes despite the fact they are a county council matter, not district, even worse the pot holes...
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    Landlines - who still uses them?

    I hate with a passion people who insist on using mobile phones inside their homes in areas with poor reception. What fun it is trying to decipher the half of their conversation that reaches my end. For my wife who is deaf its far worse, she has basically given up answering our work phone due...
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    Granite hearth got the wrong finish on the stone. What you have is either flasmed or honed, what you want is polished. There is nothing you can spray on it to give the finish you require. It is possible to polish what you have but it would not be financially worthwhile. Better to go to a company...
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    TAX !

    Firstly if the partnership is paying the tax you state, it is earning a fair amount of cash. If you and your brother are drawing very little out of the business, your parents surely are. it appears that you are financing your parents lifestyle big time probably under that old handle of "one day...