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    farming knowledge gone.

    Same here. It really struck me earlier this week, when younger stepson that been helping us here lately, asked me why we were drying off a dairy heifer which is still giving quite a drop of milk. No shortage of dairy farmers in his back pedigree, and he has a Masters degree in Maths and Physics.
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    Curious to know the main reason?

    I usually used to let detectorists access our ground, well, the seemingly genuine ones,anyway, with the proviso that I got to see everything that they found. Then a couple of lads who'd been a few times found several small silver coins, just as it was going dark. They came and showed me and...
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    How much do you spend on food?

    Is it a farm shop, or a shop on a farm? How can a genuine farm shop sell dishwasher tablets?
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    Food Prices

    Recycling innit?
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    What on earth is going on?

    As far as I am aware, he is the only male there!
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    What on earth is going on?

    My neighbour keeps about twenty Texel ewes on his smallholding. None have had lambs for the past three years!:scratchhead:
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    Badger Population

    Was thinking he'd be a fair mon to eartag a Badger :eek:
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    Badger Population

    My money is on MIA. :confused:
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    Monbiot eating humble pie

    I was about to say that I hope the fecker chokes on it, but I suppose if he was going to, he would've by now!:confused:
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    Badger Population

    These organisations are funded by public donations. They don't have to be concerned about the costs of their "good work ":mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    Badger Population

    Yes,we are. Virtually nobody round here isn't shut up with Tb though :(
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    Help identifying weed

    Way less invasive though?
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    Help identifying weed

    As above , it is Sorrel. Very common in old pastures, particularly where hay has been regularly made.
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    Badger Population

    Same situation here in South Shropshire . More dead Hedgehogs and many fewer Badgers to be seen on the roads round here. We are also in a cull area.
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    Yes, as everyone knows AJCA stands for American Jersey Crossbred Association :ROFLMAO: