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    Upgrading a Lely RP245

    Thanks for you opinion on the baler, ive only seen the smaller control box with the smaller screen. Do you have the larger control box?
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    Upgrading a Lely RP245

    I wouldnt say im a big fan of the control box but that would be somthing that i would get use too. the way the drive chains are being run, there is a lot more corners for the chain to run and more sprockets which makes me think more stuff to go wrong. And the biggest thing is taking a roller...
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    Upgrading a Lely RP245

    Currently running a lely 245 and have been lely for the past 2 balers previous. While all of them have been near enough problem free there is a few differences on the new MF baler that i am not too kean on. So what have other people changed to? I will be looking at a mchale but probably the...
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    Putting net into Welger RP 202

    Always thought it was meant to come off the back of the roll?
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    Tama edge to edge.

    Has anyone used Epicrop blue 3600m? Had half a pallet as we couldn’t get hold of the maxicover we normally use. started off great but once reached about 80 bales the net wouldnt pull in. Adjusted the tention of the net and worked for another 20 ish, then the same thing happened again. i...
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    Replacing front tyres only

    Replacing fronts without back is no problem if the same profile of tyre is put back on as replacements. It would put less strain on the tractor running with 2 new tyres on front than it would with 2 very worn tyres. Bold tyres can cause front diff problems if run for too long as causes vibration.
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    Round baling silage cost

    fag packet sums around £5.20 per bale for baling and wrapping including fuel. Wrap supplied by farm and chopping extra
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    Silage additive

    I bought a kit from selmech, it included the tank, pipes, jets, flow meter and control box. Simply enough system with on off switch and can also adjust the flow from cab.
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    Silage additive

    Have applied this for a customer which uses on his silage bales for sheep to prevent heating.
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    Silage additive

    Would you recommend two different additives?
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    Silage additive

    what silage additive would be best suited for baled silage? I see most brands are designed for pit silage so not sure can they work with bales? Bales will vary in dry matter between the year depending on the stock it will be fed to. Used provita animal heath additive last year but was thinking...
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    Best tractor engine ever made? 3.. 2.. 1.. go !

    Same air cooled
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    Silage wrap prices

    Mid wales, had it delivered from Cheshire
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    Silage wrap prices

    Paid £69.50 for silawrap. Ordered 2 pallets.
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    Sowing grass seed

    Have found a grass harrow with air seeder for sale at not bad money, i would believe they would work alright at overseeding a bare field after sheep after a few passes to gather a tilth. Bearing in mind it get manages properly afterwards!