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    Dozer Hydraulics question

    Pull this bit off carefully and see if there are any broken or loose bits in there that would restrict spool travel. Don't lose anything.
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    Today at work

    This morning I drove into the yard to find sockets and spanners scattered everywhere, it turns out overnight some hua has helped themselves to pretty much all my tools. Tool boxes, tool trolleys, welders, plasma cutter, oxyacetylene set, all my Milwaukee gear, my new water blaster, all my boxes...
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    Metal hose tail repair

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    Aluminium cored radiator repair?

    Not necessarily. The biggest problem is the radiator repair shops have become radiator supply shops, either because of lack of skill in the younger generation, lazyness, or both. I'm fortunate enough to live in a small town which still has a "seasoned" repairer, others aren't so lucky. Damage...
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    What are you working on today, TFF?

    Something a bit different to work on tonight. Spray pump not activating, A/C not working, splitter not working, mechanical high/low box not working. Typical Italian.
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    Adding Aircon service port into condenser outlet

    You may as well spend a few hundred more and buy your own de-gassing and regassing gear. Why don't you just drill a hole in the pipe on the condenser and TIG a high side port onto it? Save's cutting up a perfectly good hose, it'll save you buying a fitting and crimpers. If you really feel...
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    Same Iron/Deutz Agrotron 150 - How to grease front axle pivot?

    Thanks, I'll give the front axle a jiggle around and see if I can't get grease to pump through to the back. Seems silly to not have a 2nd grease nipple.
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    Same Iron/Deutz Agrotron 150 - How to grease front axle pivot?

    Appreciate the words of wisdom. I wonder if drilling a hole in the housing and adding a second grease nipple to the rear pivot is a bad idea? (it would probably result something similar to the Deutz brake test tractor) The grease pours out of the front, nothing comes out the back at all. Re...
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    Same Iron/Deutz Agrotron 150 - How to grease front axle pivot?

    Afternoon I can't quite figure this one out and the manual doesn't tell me. How do I grease the front axle pivot? I've found one grease nipple on the RH side for the front pivot point but I can't figure out how to get grease into the rear one. It looks like it's had grease in it at some point...
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    Aluminium cored radiator repair?

    Interesting repair, I've never seen that one before. It looks like the resin covering the back isn't too thick over most of it so you could probably scrape it off or push it out from the other side to regain that cooling area. I wonder how long it'll last? :unsure: Is your local radiator...
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    All things Dairy

    At least she's not pushing the fence over :)
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    All things Dairy

    Cheapest I've seen so far has been $414 + GST + freight (I'd say $65-$70)+ $25 blending fee per tonne with a forecast milk price of $8.25-$9.75 per kg/MS (including GST). For the first time ever, PKE is going to cost more than bought in maize silage. As a comparison: 21/22 was $299 + freight...
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    All things Dairy

    You're right, but you've got to remember that it's also a by-product. I'd have thought that profitably producing food from a waste product would be something worth celebrating?
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    All things Dairy

    Same cows. I don't anticipate any changes in reproductive performance. I pulled the PKE out for 3 weeks during AI in my 2020/2021 season, just to see what would happen, and found there was no difference in submission or conception rates. The production lost during this period was enough to make...
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    Google tells me it's externally regulated. You must have a regulator hidden somewhere on the digger.